The Perfect Presents for People Who Already Have Everything

Coming up with the perfect present can be challenging. You must take hobbies and personal interests into careful consideration, and even then, you must consider what the other person already has. There’s a certain kind of embarrassment that comes with buying someone a duplicate of an item they already have. However, there’s a certain category of people out there that seemingly own everything you could think of. They’re avid shoppers and have an endless supply of items you might never have thought of buying yourself.

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You may also have to go shopping for someone who’s incredibly picky. Turning up with a present they don’t like will make you feel inadequate, and you will most likely regret having spent your money in the first place. But there’s a way to deal with these challenges, and there are several presents that you can still give to those it seems close to impossible to buy something for. 

Wellness lovers 

If you’re buying a present for someone who’s obsessed with wellness and self-care, there are several options you could consider. The most obvious choice is to get a water bottle crossbody bag. Staying hydrated at all times is essential, whether you’re running errands or going on a long hike. Make sure to wrap the gift in a nice package and secure it with a satin ribbon as well. The presentation often matters just as much as the gift inside. 

Silk pillowcases became popular among those who elevated sleep hygiene practices to a veritable art form. Apart from feeling very comfortable and luxurious, they have real health benefits. Silk prevents the hair from becoming tangled and dry during sleep and reduces the appearance of skin creases. Add a weighted blanket as well, as it improves sleep quality and comfort. A neck and back massager is another good idea, so if you’ve heard your friend complaining about troublesome shoulder aches, get this for them. 

Some of the other presents you could take into account are: 

  • Foam rollers: The best thing for sore and achy muscles both post-workout and after a long day of sitting at the office 
  • Recovery footwear: Typically coming in the form of slides or sandals, this type of footwear reduces the stress placed on the joints and boosts circulation. You can choose simple, unlined ones for the warmer season or go for an option that includes shearling if you want them to be worn during the colder months. 
  • Throw blankets: There’s nothing quite like a soft blanket to deliver the most relaxing weekend naps. 
  • Journals: If your friend is an introspective person, journaling can help them make sense of their thoughts and become attuned to their emotions. It can also help outline their goals and expectations from their careers or relationships. 
  • Meditative tasks: Embroidery kits are the best present for someone looking to take time off just to unwind. Puzzles are the same, especially if you pick one that’s a bit trickier to solve. After being completed, you can start all over again or turn them into wall art.  

For the gourmet 

Everybody has a friend or relative with a highly discerning taste palate. These people are often adventurous when it comes to food, willing to try new things all the time and always willing to eat something different when they go out or travel abroad. They usually love to cook as well. One of the most straightforward choices is to opt for a Japanese snack box that includes several treats and tea. The selection is based on seasonality, as well as the particular characteristics of different Japanese prefectures and festivals. Expect senbei rice crackers with ume and zarame coarse sugar, yuzu and sake candy, chocolate anpan, Earl Grey cakes, organic herbal teas, matcha stick cakes, mochi, strawberries and pear biscuits. 

A cast iron skillet is a must in any kitchen. It allows foods to cook faster due to the radiating heat, making it a versatile choice for numerous foods, from thick, savoury stews to fragrant, crispy bread. For those that love grills, there’s nothing better than a high-quality spice rub. It helps add both texture and flavour before cooking, unlike seasoning, which is added afterward. This way, the meat steeps in all the ingredients and turns out delicious. The perfect spice rub will become a glaze upon cooking and must include aromas such as garlic, paprika, basil, oregano, chilli peppers and honey. 

And for those that want to try something a little different, you should consider a molecular gastronomy kit. Raindrop cakes are one of the most well-known treats to cook in this way, being a combination of purified water, sugar and agar served with sugar and roasted soybean flour known as kinako. 

Skincare enthusiasts 

Over the past few years, skincare has become a multi-billion industry. The market size is projected to continue growing and is expected to reach $273.3 billion by 2031. Many people jumped on board and started developing routines to address their skin concerns. But if you know someone who’s genuinely skincare obsessed, what more could you possibly get them? Surely, they must already own everything they could possibly need. 

The good news is that the skincare industry is very diverse and creative, and new products arrive constantly. For instance, you can get a multipurpose oil that’s good for the face and the body. Make sure the texture is light and won’t clog the pores. It should also absorb quickly into the skin and not leave residue behind. Hand creams are a must regardless of the season, and you can never have too many. Purchase one that’s fragrance-free to avoid the risk of allergies or dermatitis, and ensure the formula includes vitamins, fatty acids and peptides to aid in the complete recovery of the skin barrier. 

LED face masks are a good option if you’re prepared to splurge on a gift. They offer a plethora of benefits, including reducing redness and inflammation, combating acne and ageing, boosting collagen production, improving healing and eliminating all swelling. 

When shopping for someone who loves to shop or is very dedicated to a particular lifestyle, it can be challenging to make the right choice. All you need is a little creativity, and you’ll manage to come up with the perfect gift. 


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