Iza Exudes Motherhood Glow in Metro.Style’s May Cover

Seasoned actress Iza Calzado celebrates her journey as a mother while channeling a sophisticated and elegant image for the May cover of Metro.

The Kapamilya actress detailed the significance of being fully present as a mom after giving birth to her baby Deia Amihan in the exclusive Metro cover story.

 “That’s the thing I realize about being a mother, you’re so present. They (babies) force you to be present and because they’re the best present, the best gift. Your presence is so important,” she said. “Every moment with them counts. Every moment, I have to give [Deia] 100 percent of me.”

 Iza also talked about the rough turns she took in her journey to motherhood as she endured risks during her pregnancy which inspired her to name her baby Amihan.

 “There are so many things that can happen. And that’s why I think my bond with Deia is very strong. I feel like she’s my warrior. That’s why I wanted a strong name for her, hence I named her Amihan. I didn’t just want a pretty name,” she shared.

 Aside from her struggles, Iza also talked about the importance of postpartum care by allowing oneself to heal and recover from the long months of pregnancy.

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