Kim Molina and Jerald Napoles Star in TV5’s New Sitcom ‘Team A’

Reel and real-life couple Kim Molina and Jerald Napoles define “Happy Fam, Happy Life” to another level as they take over local television with Team A, the newest comedy series from Viva Entertainment, Sari Sari Channel, and TV5. This riotous comedy “fun-serye” premieres on March 18 and airs every Saturday at 9:30pm on TV5, with catch-up episodes every Sunday, 9:00 pm on Sari Sari Channel Cignal Ch 3 starting on March 19.

Team A is sure to tickle viewers’ funny bones with a hilarious mix of characters bantering on hysterical family issues and more. This “fun-serye” revolves around the loving Ambida family of Ian (Jerald Napoles), Janet (Kim Molina), and their only child Yeye (Gianna Iguiron) whose happy and simple lives are complicated by the persistent intrusions of Janet’s mother, Violeta Bagsic (Yayo Aguila), and Ian’s father (Anjo Yllana), Arman Ambida, as they constantly clash due to their differing lifestyles and financial circumstances.

With the comic tandem of Jerald and Kim playing the role of husband and wife, it is interesting to see how they will make every scene even more uproarious with their rib-tickling punchlines and witty dialogues. The series will definitely bring to light the tricky dynamics of extended families while imparting valuable lessons that viewers can relate to their own family situations.

What can the Ambida couple do when their respective parents are constantly bickering? With Violeta constantly rubbing it in that she does not approve of Ian as her daughter’s husband, and Arman always firing back at Violeta for her offensive tirades against his son, how can Ian and Janet reconcile everyone and get them all on the same side as Team Ambida or Team A?

Watch how Jerald, Kim, Yayo, and Anjo bring their A-game to this new comedy series for the entire family. Also joining the Team A cast are Gene Padilla as Mon Bagsic, Violeta’s husband and Janet’s father; Cindy Miranda as Rochelle, the beauty-queen YouTuber sister of Janet; Marc Acueza as Estong, Rochelle’s innocent-looking but rich husband; Ethan David as Jaime Sobel, Ian’s over-confident co-driver; and Ashtine Olviga as Diane, Janet’s youngest sister.

Get to know the Ambida clan and prepare to laugh out loud at their riotous antics as Team A premieres this March 18, 9:30 pm on TV5, with catch-up airings on Sari Sari Channel (Available on Cignal Ch. 3) every Sunday, 9:00 pm starting on March 19. For more information, visit the official social media pages of TV5, Viva Entertainment, and Sari Sari Channel.

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