PC vs Game Console: Which is the Better Option in 2022?

Despite all the events of the current year, discussions around this topic do not subside. Gamers still continue to wonder: what to choose, a powerful PC or a gaming console? The best gamers play on and should definitely know the advantages of PC and gaming consoles and choose what is best.

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PC Advantages

  1. The best graphics. Thanks to the wide possibilities of modern computer hardware, graphics on a PC are objectively better than on consoles. We agree that in some titles the difference can be almost imperceptible, but in most cases, especially with a powerful PC, it is.
  2. Higher frame rate (FPS). Good computers can easily produce more than 60 standard console frames, which noticeably makes the picture more dynamic and at the same time smooth. Even if the computer is not great, you can always experiment with flexible settings in the game itself or tinker with ini files in a text editor to achieve the desired results.
  3. Game prices. As a rule, games on a PC are much, if not several times, cheaper. On sales, you can grab the coveted title with a 90% discount.
  4. Additional buns in the form of ray tracing and DLSS. With these bells and whistles, in particular with the new NVIDIA cards, games will have more realistic rays, the light will become more voluminous, reflections from surfaces will be more beautiful, etc.
  5. Support for unofficial mods, patches, and localizations. That is, unofficial translations, fan patches that can significantly change the game – thousands of different modifications! While on consoles you can only install mods, and then if the developer allows and provides such an opportunity. On PC, this is much easier.
  6. Piracy. If there is no money for games, you have to pirate. If the game is not sold in your region or is not sold anywhere else, you can find it on the Internet and download the installation package. Pirating is bad, but sometimes it’s the only way out.
  7. Shooters and strategy games are more pleasant and more convenient to play using the keyboard and mouse. A rather subjective point of view, but many agree with this.
  8. You can mine crypto! At your own peril and risk, but some do so in order to recoup the cost of the video card at least a little. The computer mines while you are not working on it.

Benefits of game consoles

  1. No bugs – everything works out of the box.
  2. Normal optimization and FPS.
  3. Exclusives. Yes, these are the 2-3 games that will also be released on PC soon. This applies more to the Playstation because the Xbox is generally strained with exclusives.
  4. It’s cheaper than computers.
  5. The opportunity to play with the company in all sorts of interactive titles.


If in 2022 you want to get the maximum pleasure from games and at the same time there are no problems with finances, then it is better to build a modern PC with a powerful configuration. If the budget is limited, then it will be easier to take the console and not bother. If you expected some kind of revelation, then it will not happen, because this is an eternal confrontation of interests, preferences and opportunities, in which there is no winner and loser.

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