Korean Action Movie ‘The Roundup’ Breaks Box Office Records

“The Roundup” is the sequel to the domestic and international hit “The Outlaws.” Directed by Sang Yong-lee, the crime action thriller stars Ma Dong-seok also known as Don Lee (“Train to Busan,” “Marvel’s Eternals”), Son Seok-koo (“Designated Survivor: 60 Days”), and Choi Guy-hwa (“Train to Busan”).

According to the Korean Film Council, “The Roundup” surpassed 10 million moviegoers in June 11, the first K-movie to hit the milestone since “Parasite” in 2019. It’s also the 20th movie of all time to hit that record in the country and currently the no. 1 movie in Korea for 2022 so far.

“The Roundup” follows the thrilling adventures of legendary detective Ma Seok Do and his police station’s violent crimes squad as they chase down a powerful new villain. 4 years after the events of Garibong district round up operation, Geumcheon Police’s Major Crimes Unit is given a mission to repatriate a fugitive who fled to Vietnam. Beast cop Ma Seok-do (Don LEE) and Capt. Jeon Il-man
(Choi Guy-hwa) intuitively realize that there’s something wrong with the suspect’s willingness to turn himself in and uncover crimes committed by a terrifying killer named Kang Hae-sang (SON Sukku). Ma and his unit begin their investigation across two countries and follow the bloody breadcrumbs left behind by Kang.

The success story of the blockbuster Korean comedy action film The Roundup is now coming to the Philippines in the nearest SM Cinema nationwide on June 22, 2022. “The beast cop is back” screams the advertising for the film. “You can fully expect upgraded action and Ma’s comedic chops in this sequel,” said director Lee
Sang-yong. Actor Don Lee of the 2021’s Marvel Hero Eternals and 2016’s Train to Busan won over the audience while portraying no holds barred cop Ma Seok-do, who stops at nothing to catch criminals. He will certainly up the ante in “The Roundup” and show what his character is really made of. His co-stars Choi Guy-hwa (Capt. Jeon), Heo Dong-won (Oh Dong-gyun) and Ha Joon (Kang Hongseok) all return as Major Crimes Unit members, as well as Jung Jaekwang who plays rookie Kim Sang-hoon. Not only that one of “The Outlaws”‘ most memorable characters, Jang Isu of the Isu Clan, played by Park Ji-hwan returns to add comic relief to the film.

The most welcoming aspect of “The Roundup” is the fact that filmmakers and casts of the first film came back onboard. New actors joined the crew and an introduction to the new villain played by Son Seok-koo. He takes on the challenge of becoming a memorable villain who could make a lasting impression on the audience for years to come.

After deciding that the pandemic will not subside anytime soon, even it became difficult to shoot there, the director and core staff moved to Vietnam and began the production. Despite of the takeover of Covid19 in Vietnam, filmmakers of “The Roundup” together with the local crew went out of their way to create this film and even the virus couldn’t stop their passion as they used ingenuity and creative solutions to wrap the film.

This box office Korean action film The Roundup won’t be possible to be shown here in the Philippines without the dedication and eagerness of bringing the best Korean entertainment collaboration to the Philippines and Southeast Asia by the content production and distribution company, GLIMMER INC. CEO and well-known
personality Grace Lee is set to present the current popular movie in Korea all over the country through SM Cinema beginning June 22, 2022.

Watch the official trailer of “The Roundup” below:


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