PBB Kumunity: Get to Know Kuya’s 16 Adult Housemates

Kuya’s housemates are finally complete inside the “PBB” house, bringing the total number of adult housemates from 10 to 16. Their different backgrounds and vibrant personal stories will surely inspire and touch the hearts of viewers of “PBB Kumunity Season 10” Adult Edition. So before more challenging weekly tasks and emotional eviction nights start for this batch, let’s get to know each adult housemate:

1 ALECK INIGO “Ang Most Valuable Rider ng Las Pinas” 


Aleck is a basketball athlete just like his dad and brother. His skills in the court allowed him to go to college on a scholarship, but the pandemic changed all that when his scholarship was reduced. Forced to strive harder, Aleck found a way to help his family financially by becoming a delivery rider while still pursuing his studies and basketball training. Inside the house, Aleck is one of the boys that the housemates rely on, especially when they built a house for the weekly task. 


Andrei is not a stranger to being under the scrutiny of the public eye because he is a model, influencer, and streamer. He shared that he had to learn how to be independent at a young age after his dad became an OFW to provide for their family. Now, Andrei is determined to make his artista dreams come true by being one of Kuya’s housemates. He’s one of the newest housemates to enter the “PBB” house.   

3 BASTI MACARAAN “Ang Service Crewlit Bro ng Italy” 

Basti lives with his tight knit family in Milan. He is a service crew member just like his older brother and fellow housemate, Jaye. For a time, Basti and Jaye were also the family breadwinners when their parents lost their jobs in the middle of the pandemic. Recently, Basti showed his talent in songwriting as he composed a song for fellow housemate Rica.  

4 GIN REGIDOR “Ang Surviving Sementeryo Girl ng Cebu” 


Gin’s moniker reflects her background as a Cebuana living beside a cemetery. She admitted that she was once embarrassed by their family home, but has learned to embrace her humble roots. The “Surviving Sementeryo Girl ng Cebu” also overcame her insecurities through joining pageants and vlogging. So far, Gin has been the source of laughter in the house. She’s endeared herself to her housemates, who was able to help repair her house after they won in a weekly task.

5 ISABEL LAOHOO “Ang Bubbly Boss Lady ng Leyte”  

Isabel has a flourishing career as an entrepreneur, handling several businesses at a young age. When she isn’t preoccupied with work, Isabel likes to design clothes since she also studied fashion design. The multi-hyphenate can also sing, dance, play musical instruments, and do water sports. She immediately became one of the leaders in the house and a popular choice of Kumunizens in challenges.  

6 JAYE MACARAAN “Ang Service Crewelang Bro ng Italy” 


People usually think Jaye and younger brother Basti are twins because of their similar features. The close-knit brothers auditioned for “PBB Kumunity” and got accepted just like the other sibling pair, Nathan and Raf. But flying back home to Manila was a tough journey when Jaye tested positive for COVID-19. Their flight schedule got delayed because Jaye had to isolate. Now that he is recovered, Jaye is already showing his makulit side inside the “PBB” house.  

7 KATHLEEN AGIR “Ang Orphan-Along Caregiver ng USA” 


Kathleen’s passion for taking care of others stems from her greatest regret in life: Not being able to care for her dad who died of lung cancer when she was only 9 years old. Kathleen’s mother also passed away due to childbirth, making her an orphan at a young age. But thanks to Kathleen’s aunt and uncle who treated her like their own daughter, Kathleen finished school and landed a good job in the healthcare industry. Find out if her caring ways will help her get close immediately with other housemates. 

8 LAZIZ RUSTAMOV  “Ang Modelskarteng Breadwinner ng Uzbekistan” 


Born and raised by a single mom in Uzbekistan, Laziz moved to the Philippines three years ago to pursue modeling. Beyond his good looks lies a heart of gold for he is their family’s breadwinner at an early age. Laziz said he has worked various jobs like selling flowers and being a kitchen help to support his mom and sisters. Now, Laziz is aiming for another goal: To become an actor in the country. So far, he has shown is talent in modeling and rapping inside the Big Brother house. 

9 MICHAEL VER COMALING “Ang Mr. Pentastic ng Leyte” 


Michael is a modern pentathlete who has brought honor to the country by winning Gold in the 2019 Southeast Asian Games. He is trained in swimming, equestrian show jumping, fencing, laser shooting, and running. Besides his love for sports, Michael also represented the country in Mr. Grand International Panama.  One of the most energetic and strongest personalities in his batch, he was recently picked as boss in the startup company they formed for their current weekly task.   

10 NATHAN JUANE “Ang Pursigidong Papiloto ng Las Pinas” 


Nathan’s playground is the sky. He finds joy in sharing his knowledge with his students as a pilot flight instructor for eight years, but his dream job came crashing down due to the pandemic. Despite losing his job in the middle of a global health crisis, Nathan continues to strive hard for his wife and two daughters, his sources of strength and inspiration. Fondly called “Cap/Kap” by his housemates, he is also known for his jokes and funny antics in the house. 

11 RAF JUANE “Ang Ms. Beauty Kabo-Guru ng Las Pinas” 


Raf’s passion for all things beauty and makeup led her to enter the world of vlogging. Her hard work finally paid off after five years when she hit 1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Nathan’s sister also achieved one of her heart’s desires when she was accepted wholeheartedly by her family after coming out as a transwoman. In “PBB,” Raf continues to bring joy to her housemates and viewers alike as she did a makeover for Gin. 

12 RICA KRIEMHILD “Ang Dolce Amore Daughter ng Italy”  


Rica moved to Italy with her family when she was five years old, but things weren’t always smooth sailing for her in Europe. She recalled that she was bullied by peers and was abandoned by her biological mother. Rica was also one of the many employees that got retrenched due to the pandemic. Despite the hardships, Rica said she remains sweet and caring, especially towards her family. She’s one of the newest additions in the house. 

13 ROQUE COTING “Ang Salesma-Sikap Man ng Davao” 

Roque has worn different hats in his young life. He has been a helper, dishwasher, service crew, and factory worker, among many others to provide for their family. The youngest of six siblings, Roque shared that his favorite job of all is being a salesman because he loves selling anything. With his entry in “PBB,” he and Raf hope to educate their fellow housemates and viewers more about the LGBTQIA community. 

14 SEHAM DAGHLAS “Ang Brightminded Darling ng Iloilo” 


This Civil Engineering graduate is ready to breakout out of her shell after years of feeling shy and insecure. Seham lived a comfortable life in Abu Dhabi with her family but decided to move to the Philippines to discover herself more. Born and raised by a Palestinian dad and a Filipina mom, Seham is proud of her mixed heritage and is yearning to reunite with her father who was left behind in Jordan. After four weeks in “PBB,” Seham has formed a close bond with Isabelle.  

15 THAMARA ALEXANDRIA “Ang Headstrong Hottie ng Davao” 

Thamara has been dreaming of breaking into showbiz since she was 14 years old. Since then, she realized that it’s not as easy as it seems with the rejections that came her way, but Thamara is unfazed. The “Headstrong Hottie” is determined to make her mark in the glitzy world of entertainment as Kuya’s housemate. Early in this edition, her housemates have been teasing her to Zach. Fans of the show already have a nickname for their pairing, which is “ThamZach.” 

16 ZACH GUERRERO “Ang Smillennial Charm ng Aurora” 


A proud Probinsyano, Zach moved to Manila when he was a senior high school student to pursue his dream to become a dentist. According to Zach, living alone in Manila is hard, but he has learned the art of adulting. The “Smillennial Charm ng Aurora” also shared that he is more appreciative of his simple, yet happy life in the province when he decided to conquer the city life.  Recently, Zach also got to experience being a supervisor in the house, which allowed him to get out of his comfort zone and be more confident about himself. 

Will Kuya’s next task bring the 16 housemates closer or will it tear them apart?  Find out in “PBB Kumunity Season 10” Celebrity Edition on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, Jeepney TV, A2Z, iWantTFC, and TFC every 5:45 pm on weekdays with replays at 11:10 pm. Meanwhile, it will air every 7 pm on weekends.      

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