5 Instagram Poll Ideas to Increase Stories’ Engagement

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Instagram stories can be a necessary tool. It is an easy way to gain instagram followers and allow you to get close to loyal customers. Snapshots are good for everyone-the more fans you interact with your brand on Instagram, the wider the reach of your content. 

One reliable way to increase engagement is to post an Instagram poll in your story. Instagram Stories has 500 million users every day, and one-third of the most-watched Stories come from companies. It means that brands have a good chance of appearing in front of consumers when they browse social media and get famous on Instagram. 

Instagram polls are a fun way to increase clicks, increase overall engagement, and collect follower feedback. There are five ways your brand can use Instagram polls as a regular part of your social strategy to increase reach on Instagram.

Why are Instagram polls necessary? 

Instagram polls are great for collecting follower information for personal accounts and online businesses. 

Users use this feature to: 

increase interaction with the audience; 

increase the participation of followers; 

analyze their opinions and reactions. 

Receive real-time feedback from users and improve your Instagram activity to attract the attention of more potential instagram likes on your posts. You can also increase your interaction with your audience by writing creative and ideal Instagram headlines.

#1. Ask captivating questions in IG polls: 

Asking interesting trivia questions is a basic but remarkable idea in Instagram polls. It is incredible for brands that want to build influence beyond product contributions and compete for popularity on Instagram. Instagram polls have a lot of flexibility. You can decide to ask questions related to your brand, clarify questions about your product, recent developments, etc. General trivia questions may also be helpful. You are free to understand the importance of these trivial questions you need. Start with easy questions and gradually increase the complexity until you find a level that suits your audience well. You want to make sure that you don’t discourage your followers from participating because of over-proving problems. Make it fun and fascinating.

#2. Measuring interest in new articles: 

Companies are often in a dilemma when it comes to measuring audience interest. So why not ask your potential customers directly? Also, why go through the pain of skipped polls? Take advantage of Instagram story polls and get quick, real-time product reviews. Letting them choose one style/type over another to ask them if they use a particular product is also a good idea. Before making a decision that affects potential customers, there are multiple ways to determine their interests. One of the most popular cosmetic brands, Benefit Cosmetics, uses this method to find a medium where followers can show off their likes and dislikes.

#3. Get to know your audience in-depth 

Not sure what your followers want to see next? You have to ask. Surveys can also be a source of market research. Understanding the needs of your customers is the key to developing an effective marketing strategy. Quick surveys give you an instant insight into what your followers are looking for, the type of content that resonates with them, and most importantly, what they want to happen next. Add a note to encourage your audience to follow up on other ideas. It can lead to many direct messages, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of what your customers think. If you are on the verge of a decision and looking for a push and want to attract your followers in the process, taking an Instagram poll is the way to follow.

#4. Using IG Reels to better curate content 

Stories have a simple way to ensure that your audience gets the great content you distribute, and you can increase your influence on Instagram. Use reels. When choosing what to post, you must always rely on your marketing strategy and information about your Instagram target audience. To make this information clearer, you can use the Instagram scroll to test-run your content before posting it to your feed. It is a compelling way to see if your followers are interested and develop a decent content strategy! It also helps to ensure that you don’t lose followers because of irrelevant content. Finally, start the discussion between you and your followers. When you try to personalize content according to their preferences, your followers will feel respected.

#5. Exaggerate the suspense

If you want to promote your brand with fanfare, or another product line is declining, or if you want to add another content segment to your blog. If you need to promote an old product with some recently added features, Instagram public opinion Surveys are your way of attracting viewers to participate in these launches and promotions. Create much-needed suspense and let your audience follow your next post and story. You can create an Instagram poll in many ways, from essentially asking your fans if they are excited about another product launch to checking if they know. In any case, show how someone uses the newly launched product. Use polls in a way that matches your image. If you have an important announcement, make sure your followers think so too.


Although there are many ways to increase the impact of Instagram Stories, polls can help you make better use of Stories; however, the type of survey story you should use depends on your marketing goals and brand message. 

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