Daniel Padilla Shares How to Become the Best Version of Yourself in Time of Pandemic

Life can really be a fun and easy ride when you’re feeling good. In the context of this ongoing pandemic, it means knowing your immune system is boosted 24/7.

Such an upbeat feeling is effortlessly showcased by actor-singer Daniel Padilla as brand ambassador for Sovit Vitamins. He appears in the brand’s latest commercial clip being naturally himself – an inspiring, down-to-earth, and multi-faceted gentleman with a vibrant personality.

Warmly speaking to audiences, DJ, as he is fondly called by close friends and countless fans alike, noted, “Madalas busy ang buhay. Pero alam niyo, puwedeng easy-han yan. Easy lang i-max ang effort sa lahat ng bagay.”

The emphasis on the words “easy” and “max” say a lot about the connection between him and Sovit vitamins which come in two variants: Sovit-Cee ascorbic acid and Sovit Max Multivitamins with Zinc variations. The intake of vitamin C has never been more necessary in this period of our digital age while the dynamism and positivity that DJ breathes through his persona embody the spirited stance that has kept the world going amidst the unprecedented challenges.

New normal, new perspective

To say that the traditional idea of being young has been altered by the pandemic is almost an understatement. Whereas before, the devil-may-care attitude rests in the recesses of young minds, millennials and Gen Zs have now found themselves being mindful of their overall health, all for good reason. You’re not a killjoy if you care for a steady supply of vitamins and supplements to boost your immune system instead of spending hours of just being inactive. In fact, it’s a ticket to leading a safe, busy – and more importantly – fruitful life in whatever form allowed by the current scenario. Staying home as much as possible has gone beyond being a protocol to address the spread of the coronavirus disease to being the smart thing to do for the sake of one’s well-being and the safety of people around you.

It’s no coincidence that health and fitness equipment sales has more than doubled as a result of the health awareness. Same goes with the demand for products related to immunity boosting. People have turned to healthy living to ward off viruses.

More than ever, it’s now cool being health-conscious and enjoying clean fun all the time. Such a game-changing perspective comes in the way of a lifestyle that simply points to the goal of becoming truly healthier, or being strong enough not to get sick. Most people have realized that a key step to beating the virus altogether is to keep a functioning body and stay in shape.

Study reveals that nearly two thirds of the people have made significant changes in their lifestyles by starting their own home exercise program or employing plant-based, balanced diet.

The woke generation found the current situation as a rallying point to settle down and seriously deal with what basically matters. Never in the history of mankind has the idea of leading a healthy lifestyle with the help of modern science and health-related breakthroughs been as accessible as it is today. One just has to be aware of what’s good for one’s health and take them regularly, coupled with proper exercise and healthy living.

Not even the current new normal set-up should stop us from acting out the best version of ourselves. We can take it easy by living right day by day, like taking vitamins and minerals religiously and without missing a beat in terms of reinvigorating our bodies through proper nutrition, enough sleep and rest, and the right capsule.

Non-Acidic Vitamin C

Vitamin C capsules have evolved into a must-do daily routine to keep us from getting sick. Ascorbic Acid as Sodium Ascorbate, its generic name, comes in a variety of brands with interesting beneficial offers. Enter Sovit-Cee which comes with a long list of benefits
for our overall health. For one, it’s non-acidic — a buffered form of Vitamin C that makes it “gentle on the stomach.” It can be taken on an empty tummy without upsetting it.

Sovit-Cee is among the take-it-to-believe-it type of brands owing to its good testimonials from people who have it as part of their day-to-day routine. That they’re not contracting flu, cough, bronchitis, or whatever viral or bacterial infection can only attest to its

It’s also a great source of resistance against fatigue. Thus, if common cold and respiratory illnesses do persist, you bet Sovit Cee can help reduce its severity.

Even more, Sovit Cee has a higher level of absorption than ordinary Vitamin C and acts as an antioxidant. That simply sounds better than an average one. The other Sovit Vitamins variant, Sovit Max, works wonders for the prevention and treatment of vitamin and mineral deficiencies of an individual. In other words, it is meant to boost one’s immune system against the world-plaguing COVID-19.

As we heal as one in the fight against this dreaded disease, and as we make the best out of the new normal set-up, Sovit Max helps in achieving the goal of keeping people essentially healthy whether you are busy working from home or bravely out there as a frontliner.
DJ said it rightly in the ad clip, “Basta alaga ang immunity, kaya gawing max ang potential. Lalo na sa panahon ngayon. Kaya araw-araw, I take Sovit Max. Kahit busy, kaya gawing easy.”

He added that Sovit Max is an upgrade loaded with vitamins and minerals, perfect fit for today’s “generation zinc.”

At this point in our lifetime where healing the world is a delicate work in progress, Sovit Vitamins come as a one-two punch solution to address the need to continue the journey of the fast-moving modern mankind and keep the invisible enemy away and defeated.

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