‘So Not Worth It’ Teases Hilarious University Student Adventures

Upcoming Netflix Original series So Not Worth It is ramping up excitement with its main trailer and poster. The sitcom centered on university life shows students dealing with their own issues all the while experiencing love, friendship, and many laughs.

The trailer introduces the eight students and their unique quirks. First, we have resident advisor Se-wan (Park Se-wan) who is also an assistant teacher. She’s thrifty and tough as nails due to her hard-knock life. Jamie (Shin Hyeon-seung) is a new student receiving lots of love for his handsome looks. His puppy-dog eyes will melt your heart.

Then there’s the youngest of the bunch, Sam (Choi Young-jae) who is all talk and full of mischief. Even though he’s always bluffing, you can’t help but find him endearing. Minnie (Minnie) is the fashionista of the group and a huge K-drama fan. She can even pull off the North Korean dialect after watching Crash Landing on You. Frequently mistaken for being a foreigner, Hyun-min (Han Hyun-min) pretends to be an international student in order to live at the international dormitory with his friends.

Hans (Joakim Sorensen) is a stickler for rules who is strict with others but quite flexible with himself. Terris (Terris Brown) is a show-off and a casanova. Finally, we have Carson (Carson Allen) who surprisingly acts like a grouchy old fart.

The diverse students find themselves in a variety of ridiculous situations as they navigate university life in Korea. Even when everything feels so not worth it, they live each day to the fullest and enjoy plenty of laughs in the process. From the creators of famous classic sitcoms like the Nonstop and High Kick! series, So Not Worth It will be a fresh, new sitcom to love!

Watch So Not Worth It when it premieres on June 18 at 3PM PHT, only on Netflix!

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