Grow Your Fanbase on Spotify: The Ultimate Guide

Spotify is the best way to stream your music, especially if you are an upcoming musician. With more than a hundred million registered subscribers, not to forget to mention this includes more than eighty million of them being paid subscribers, the statistics speak for themselves. This makes Spotify the best platform for artists to not only grow an interactive and engaging fanbase but also to obtain a sustainable income. Spotify acts as a medium to not only gain a source of income through your music but allows you the opportunity to interact with your target audience as well.

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Previously, if an artist was signed up with a record label, the record label would handle all the promotion and the target audiences. But now, musicians who are not signed up always have the option to grow and learn their audiences. Which is why growing an audience on Spotify is so important for an artist because it shows that the music produced by the artist has value and is worthy to be invested in. When new consumers to your music follow you on Spotify, this not only means more Spotify streams and sustainable income but also more people to buy your merchandise and help in network marketing.

  • Know your target audience with the help of Spotify analytics. 

Your Spotify profile provides detailed information about your audience, including demographic data like their age, location, gender and so much more. From total streams to the number of followers, to your popular tracks and how well your playlists have been performing, these analytics provided by Spotify help you immensely in understanding your audience. Moreover, if you buy Spotify plays, this adds to the traction which will also help you out in building your audience. Your audience is the key to your growth, which is why understanding these statistics will give you an insight to what exactly does your audience expect from you.

  • Use various social media platforms to increase your Spotify audience. 

One of the major advantages when it comes to social media platforms is that each of these have a different set of varied audiences which will give you more exposure. Ads on social media platforms will help you to target your potential fans, and while it may seem confusing and difficult at first, it is worth the effort because you will be able to target people on the basis of their location, age, musical tastes, gender and so many other variables. You can always begin with an ad that invites these users to listen to your music on Spotify and if they enjoy it, can always like and follow your Spotify profile. In order for your profile to look legitimate, you will need to have a decent number of Spotify plays and if you fall short of the ideal number you would like to have, you can buy Spotify plays which will also help in building the trust of the audience. 

  • Buy Spotify plays to add value to the music you create. 

When you buy Spotify plays, you add more plays to your music, which just means that people are willing to listen to your tracks because it is good. This makes new users more inclined to listen to your music. Which is why you will have to know which are the best sites to buy legit Spotify plays from. There are a number of sites that are available, but the best sites to buy Spotify plays are the ones that give you detailed plans according to your budget. Make sure that you do your research well before investing your money. 

  • Using Gated content and curating an email list.

Gated content is basically the type of content that needs the users to fill in their information in order to consume the content, which just means that it could be a follow from a fan or their email address in order to get access to free merch, or a live track or even a remix EP. Incentives work well and will help in growing your fan base on Spotify. 

  • Utilizing podcasts on Spotify to promote your music. 

Podcasts are something that Spotify has been really pushing on their platform and this is also another opportunity that will allow your audience to know you better, and allow you to entertain them or even educate them on music. There is nothing as a passive podcast listener because users listen to podcasts for an in depth form of communication between the speaker and the listener. There are a huge number of popular musicians who have already started their podcasts because of this and it would be a smart move if you jumped in the bandwagon too. 

Now, this is the detailed guide to growing your fanbase on Spotify, and one of the fastest and best ways to grow would be to buy Spotify plays through the best sites to buy Spotify plays. The more Spotify plays you have, the more value is added to your music and your Spotify profile, and Spotify automatically promotes your music to users who consume music similar to yours. 


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