5 of the Latest Car Safety Features You Need to Look Out for When Choosing a New Car

The 5 best car safety features of 2022 explained. Adaptive headlights, electronic stability control, lane keep assist, and more. 

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Safety features have done a great deal in reducing fatal road accidents that happened three decades ago. Each new model that hits the market comes with surprising safety features that promise to advance adult occupant safety, children protection and safety, and safety assistance features such as lane keep assist and  emergency braking systems. In this article, I will highlight the latest, advanced safety features that are being incorporated in the best new car models. However, it is good to note that these features do not exonerate you from car accidents. Rather, they play a major role in trying to minimize some of the accidents that occur by ensuring that they keep you, the driver, alert and also assist you to act quickly in case of an emergency. 

  • Adaptive Headlights

One of the reasons driving at night is risky is because of the poor visibility largely due to darkness and fog at times. This is also worsened by glaring light from other drivers’ headlights which personally I find very disturbing. The good thing is that this could be a thing of the past thanks to adaptive headlights which are now installed on newer car models. Adaptive headlights turn light beams using sensors and direct them in the direction that the car is moving towards. This feature definitely improves safety while navigating through areas of poor visibility, curves and hills. Adaptive headlights also eliminate glaring light from oncoming traffic which is a plus for any driver out there.

  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

This feature is a must when looking for your next car in that it uses sensors to detect when a car is most likely to slide or skid. After detecting the possibility, the feature effectively controls the car’s engine and brakes by applying the required sideways motion, wheel speed, steering wheel rotation and angle to alleviate the skid. ECS helps the driver to regain the stability of the car and can continue driving as usual. Manufactures’ names for this feature include AdvanceTrac and StabiliTraK depending on the model of the car you are looking for.

  • Lane Keep/Lane Assist

A seemingly not-so-dangerous maneuver like a driver veering off his or her lane can lead to a fatal road accident. This can be a thing of the past thanks to Lane Keep or Lane Assist feature depending on the manufacturer of your car. The feature alerts you when you start veering off your lane by vibrating your seat or sounding a buzzer and at the same time it starts to gently steer you back into your lane. It does this by detecting the white lines on the road surface demarcating the lanes. In sections where the white lanes are invisible or are not there at all, this feature can be turned off. New models of Toyota and Volvo have this fantastic feature.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

Many are the times when fatal road accidents happen due to drivers crashing into the cars ahead of them. ACC uses the latest technology to control and keep a safe distance from the car ahead. It uses radar and sensors installed in the car’s framework to accurately detect the distance of the car in front. If the distance widens, the feature accelerates the car as required and when the traffic slows down or comes into a halt, it applies brakes as necessary and maintains a safe distance.

  • Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)

Last but not least of the new safety features that you should ensure are installed in your new high end car is AEB. Unfortunately, due to long hours at work which lead to fatigue, human attention span is highly reduced. This can be perilous while driving. AEB comes in handy in these and many more circumstances that can lead to fatalities on the road. The feature senses the speed at which you are approaching the car ahead or any other obstacle like a pedestrian or an animal and determines whether you are going to have a crash. If it senses that a crash is inevitable, it applies the brakes and tightens the seatbelts to reduce the speed and the force of the impact hence minimizing severe damage and injuries or eliminating the crash altogether. BMW, Subaru and Ford are some of the manufacturers who have this feature installed in their new car models.

Wrapping Up

Other features that you should also look out for when acquiring a new car are Blind Spot Detection, Reverse Park Assist, Rear-View Camera and Rear Cross-Traffic Assist. Other features we are likely to start seeing in our cars include facial recognition software which will constantly keep track of the driver’s facial alertness. This feature is already being used in high-end cars. If you are planning to travel to Dubai, we invite you to click here to see a complete fleet of luxury cars for hire on Big Boss Luxury Car Rental:

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