R&B Artist Daze to Release 2nd Single ‘Lonely’

Tarsier Records artist daze writes an open letter for men who are afraid of being vulnerable in her new single “Lonely” dropping this Friday (April 30).

The R&B single follows the young singer-songwriter’s debut single “1996,” which she released last year after joining the ABS-CBN music label, and will also be part of her upcoming debut EP this 2021.

daze revealed that the new track is an attempt at understanding how men think when it comes to love.

“With ‘Lonely,’ I wanted to analyze how men felt about love. It has helped me take their perspective into account and showed me a new understanding that I can apply into my future relationship,” she said.

Through lyrics that render a bold female perspective, “Lonely” also aims to be a healing remedy for the dating culture that has been smeared with upsets due to lack of trust and commitment.

“Just like women have difficulties trusting, so do men. I hope this song gives a sense of healing from that fear,” she added.

The track, which boasts of masterfully layered vocals and the nostalgic beat of the early 2000s, was inspired by American R&B and neo-soul artist India Arie whom daze looks up to for her authentic and honest songwriting.

daze is also heavily influenced by old-school R&B tracks, ‘80s rock and love songs, and alternative and indie artists like Imogen Heap and Bon Iver which have helped shape her own artistry and nostalgic-yet-fresh sound.

Loosen up in love and stream daze’s “Lonely,” out this Friday (April 30) on various digital music streaming services. For updates, follow Tarsier Records on various social media accounts @tarsierrecords.

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