Andrea’s Good Deed Goes Viral in ‘Huwag Kang Mangamba’

Proving that kindness is indeed contagious, Mira (Andrea Brillantes) spawned a chain of good deeds in the town of Hermoso after it was ravaged by a typhoon in ABS-CBN’s inspirational series “Huwag Kang Mangamba,” which airs weeknights on Kapamilya Channel, A2Z, and TV5.

After the storm left many people homeless, things instantly turned hopeful after they followed Mira’s lead in giving out her own relief goods to the less fortunate – which was caught on camera and became viral on social media.

Even Joy (Francine Diaz), who rarely shows compassion towards others, was also inspired by Mira’s actions and decided to help out.

Although Joy still has her doubts about Mira’s faith, the two have grown closer as Mira continues to try and make her believe in Bro. But while their relationship develops, the fake faith healer Deborah (Eula Valdes), who is greatly threatened over Mira getting all the attention, will attempt to ruin their budding friendship by bribing Joy to betray Mira.

Will Joy turn against Mira? How will Mira’s actions help restore the people’s faith in Bro?

Watch “Huwag Kang Mangamba” on weeknights on the Kapamilya Channel, A2Z, TV5, Kapamilya Online Live, iWantTFC, WeTV, and iflix. Viewers outside of the Philippines can also catch it on The Filipino Channel on cable and IPTV.

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