How Remote Work Reduces Stress and Revitalize Your Mindset

‘Remote work? No way!’ Believe it or not, this statement was quite common back when the pandemic was normalizing work from home policies. The masses of office employees were unable to embrace the fact that full-time work from home was even possible.

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Fast forward to 2021,  approximately 18% of people are remote workers in the world. When asked to choose between office and remote work, employees are more than happy to go with the latter. But why? Which factors brought the sudden change in mindset?

Studies show that employees working from home even once a month are 24-percent happier and productive. Well, that sure is a lot!

Remote work is playing a crucial role in minimizing stress and revitalizing mindset amongst employees. Read more to unravel how!

Workplace Wonders

When browsing through your Instagram feed, have you ever idealized those stunning and aesthetically-pleasing workstations? If so, then remote work is going to be such a blessing for you!

Studies have concluded that the workplace has a long-lasting impact on a worker’s productivity. Organized and visually-pleasant workplaces make employees feel more refreshed and ready for work.

Unfortunately, in offices, our workplaces usually consist of a small table, computer, and a chair. The entire unit is so tiny and boring that one feels reluctant to work. Well, remote work eases this problem too!

You can customize the workplace by adding décor, better equipment, modish furniture, and whatnot. There are no restrictions or limitations to all the possibilities!

Your Work, Your Policies

Perhaps, one of the most amazing benefits that come with remote work is freedom. As a remote worker, you get the liberty to decide the work type, load, timings, and most importantly, rules.

You can work whenever you desire, whether it be morning, afternoon, evening, or night. Plus, you get to work in clothes that comfort you. There is certainly no need to wear those ironed shirts and pants when you can work in those sweats.

When feeling tired, you even have the liberty to take a break and do something refreshing like a walk in the park. There are no set office policies that you have to follow. You have free reign in working the way you like.

However, this also means you are your boss as well as a manager. You’ll have to create some rules for yourself to maintain work efficiency. Nonetheless, it is still more stress-free than an office!

Cut the Drama

In an office environment, it is almost impossible to stick to your work and leave. You need to interact with colleagues and engage in WhatsUp and what’s going on. And doing so will have you become part of quarrels and complications that they generally term as office politics.

Such unnecessary engagements do not only waste time unnecessarily but also cause unnecessary stress. You probably end up using pain relief creams or taking pills. Working remotely cuts out this drama and saves you from all that stress.

More Time at Hand!

Nothing is more soul-crushing than being in a massive traffic jam, when you might only be a few short miles from your destination.

Now, extrapolate that stress, anger, and anxiety to every week day, mostly likely twice a day (pending how bad the traffic is to and from your job).

Even without traffic jams, commuting just takes up time. According to CNBC, In the U.S., the average, one-way commute time is 26.1 minutes, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. If you commute to a full-time, 5-days-a-week job, a roundtrip that adds up to 4.35 hours a week and over 200 hours (nearly nine days) per year.

Traffic can certainly because you stress and anger being stuck and avoiding other angry drivers.

Upscale in Savings

Working from home means your budget share for commute and social networking will reduce substantially. Since you do not have to travel to your workplace daily, you will not have to spend on fuel, car maintenance, or say public transport. Similarly, remote work saves you from all the financial troubles that social networking requires.

You need not keep that extra share of the budget for clothing and forced lunches. Note that savings do not count as an obvious output of remote work. Instead, it is a side product and something you can consciously achieve or level up.

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