Wil Dasovich Chronicles His Journey to Maximizing Human Potential in his ‘Superhuman’

The typically kwela vlogger bares a more serious side in his podcast about self-improvement—physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Followers of Wil Dasovich are likely to be familiar with his journey towards battling and overcoming colon cancer earlier in 2018. Since then, Wil has been laser-focused on health and fitness, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle to his fans and followers.

So it’s no surprise that as Wil embarks on his first foray into podcasting with the launch of the Spotify Original podcast Superhuman, the first topic he focuses on would be on maximizing human potential through fitness.

Superhuman is born out of Wil’s hunger to keep developing and creating. And together with special guests, he works to piece out what it takes to be “superhuman”.

“I have a profound excitement for each and every day I live, and I want everyone else to share this feeling. I believe that with the right knowledge and mindset (which can be learned) we can manipulate our energy, mood, and overall well-being for the better. This podcast will share important information on how to optimize performance in all areas of living—mentally, physically, spiritually, to reach peak potential.”

Beyond physical health, Wil is also an advocate for mental health, and believes that everyone needs to fuel their mind for a healthy body. To fuel his mind and soul, he pours his time into books, educational videos, and podcasts.

“I only recently got deep into podcasts last year and I noticed it had a profound effect on my everyday growth and motivation because I was able to learn so many new things I had never known about. It’s where I gain so much daily knowledge about anything health-related and all this new information has transformed my life. With my podcast, I want my listeners to receive the same experience,” adds Wil.

Through Wil’s podcast, he aims to do more than just entertain but to educate his fans and listeners as well.

“We all need to continue learning, and podcasts are the easiest means to stay educated. Whether you are exercising, sitting in traffic, walking along the beach, or doing any type of passive activity, you can always pop in a podcast and continue learning so that your time is being utilized most efficiently. As long as you have a podcast to listen to, there is no such thing as wasting time!”

On producing Superhuman with Spotify, he shares that “it has been a lot of work!” Wil laughs. “Mostly on the research and brainstorming end but in order to create something spectacular you can’t expect anything less. My favorite part about working with Spotify is that they allow so much creative freedom and even help suggest amazing ideas which has allowed me to expand into a different type of content—something that I have never done before,” he continues.

More than just a podcaster, Wil is an advocate of podcast-listening first and foremost. “If you are not on Spotify listening to at least one podcast a day, you are not maximizing your brain nor your time. I will make a bold statement and say that I have learned more applicable life lessons and skills through podcasts than I ever did in my 18 years of formal education, including college,” Wil quips.

Join Wil as he unravels the secret to unlocking the maximum potential of human beings on Superhuman, available on-demand only on Spotify for both Free and Premium users:

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