SB19’s ‘What?’ Hits 1.8-M Views on YouTube, Debuts at No. 1 of MYX Daily Top 10 #SB19WhatMYXDailyTop1

SB19 released their much-awaited comeback single “What?” on Tuesday, March 9, and in less than 2 days the MV already amassed 1.8 million views on YouTube. “What?” also debuted on MYX Daily Top 10 today at no. 1 position.

“What?” is quite different from SB19’s previous singles like “Go Up” and “Alab.” It’s edgier and the boys got fiercer as they, in Sony Music Philippines terms, “command supremacy of P-Pop’s explosion in the global market without resorting to formulaic tricks and pandering to trends.”

It’s safe to say that netizens loved how SB19 reinvented themselves in “What?” judging from thousands of positive feedbacks they received on social media. Backed by the country’s solid and active fanbase called ATIN, the group is expected to top not only local music charts but also get in the zone of other country’s music scene as well. Their fanbase was also responsible for putting SB19 on several Billboard charts.

Here’s what some of the fans had to say about “What?” and SB19’s new look:

D I A N A: “The more I listen to the song, it gets better and better.”

Flores Hosea: “SB19 didn’t raise the standard, they are the STANDARD.”

Luv Jenine: “This is not even a comeback, it’s a cultural reset.”

Jolly Jane: “Can’t stop smiling.This song is very inspiring.”

Nerma G. Barsolaso: “A big clap to the producers including our Pinuno. This is a successful and big comeback!”

Check out today’s MYX Daily Top 10 (in reversed order):

MYX Philippines – MYX Daily Top 10
March 11, 2021

10 – Nadine Lustre feat. Massiah – “White Rabbit”
9 – BTS – “Life Goes On” 
8 – TXT – “Blue Hour”
7 – Alamat – “kbye”
6 – SB19 – “Hanggang Sa Huli”
5 – BGYO – “The Light”
4 – MNL48 – “River”
3 – Moira – “Paubaya”
2 – Olivia Rodrigo – “Drivers License”
1 – SB19 – “What?”

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  1. Atin Jhen // March 12, 2021 at 10:22 am //

    This could be the best Philippine made MV of 2021!

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