Why ‘Count Your Lucky Stars’ is a Must-Watch

If you are an Asianovela fan who’s looking for a new series to binge-watch, iWantTFC has a new one that is perfect for you: “Count Your Lucky Stars,” which stars no other than the original Dao Ming Si and the new generation Shan Chai, Jerry Yan and Shen Yue. And their to-die-for chemistry will make your heart skip a beat!

Currently streaming for free on iWantTFC, the feel-good romcom series will instantly capture the hearts of every fangirl with only its first few episodes. The series follows the cute love-hate relationship of Calvin (Jerry) and Andi (Shen), whose professional bond will be made complicated by an accidental kiss.

After their kiss reverses their fates (Calvin begins to suffer from bad luck while Andi becomes successful overnight), the two become inseparable and develop a deeper bond as they help each other with their current problems in the fashion industry.

Here’s why you should add “Count Your Lucky Stars” to your watch list:

1. Jerry’s irresistible Mr. Suplado vibe

Years after stealing the hearts of viewers with his iconic role in “Meteor Garden,” Jerry once again portrays an arrogant and good-looking man with a charming soft side. Viewers will surely fall in love with him again as Calvin, a famous editor-in-chief, who, despite his dark past, displays a strong and daring personality.

2. Viewers will be able to relate to Andi

Aside from her cute and quirky personality, Andi’s hardworking and “go-getter” mentality is what makes her relatable. Because of her dream to become a well-known fashion designer, Andi’s determination to overcome all of her struggles as a newbie in the fashion world is what draws people to her. Andi is also very straightforward with her goals and refuses to be pushed around.

3. Calvin and Andi’s hate-love relationship will make viewers fall in love

Calvin started out as Andi’s terrifying boss but has now slowly let his guard down towards her. Even if she no longer works for him, Calvin still goes out of his way to teach her some important lessons about fashion. Despite their constant bickering, fans will also enjoy the ‘kilig’ moments between them due to their meaningful and affectionate gestures, which has instantly turned into innocent flirtation.

4. The love triangle between Calvin, Andi, and Francis adds tension to the story

Although none of them have verbally expressed romantic interest in one another, the arguments between fashion designers Francis (Miles Wei) and Calvin show how protective they are of Andi. Both men constantly fight for Andi’s attention and look out for her well-being as she tries to make a name for herself in the fashion industry. While Andi is caught in the middle, both of her relationships with them show Francis and Calvin’s contrasting personalities.

5. The light-hearted moments are enjoyable to watch

The series offers a lot of light-hearted and funny moments apart from the ‘kilig.’ The subtle humor of Calvin and Andi, accompanied by the amusing wit of their friends Daly and Roxy, provides relief from each of the character’s personal struggles.

“Count Your Lucky Stars” is currently steaming in the Philippines for free on the iWantTFC app (iOs and Android) and on Two new episodes are released daily at 8 PM until March 10.

Viewers will also be able to watch the series’ Tagalized episodes this March 15 at 10 PM on Kapamilya Channel on cable and satellite TV, on A2Z on free TV and digital TV boxes, and Kapamilya Online Live on Facebook and YouTube.

iWantTFC viewers can also enjoy watching on a bigger screen through select devices on VEWD, ROKU streaming devices, and select models for Samsung Smart TV. For the complete list of compatible devices, sign in instructions, and account activation, visit

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