First-Time ‘Himig’ Interpreters Reveal What Being Part of the Competition Means to Them

With the launch of Himig 11th edition, not only has OPM lovers been treated to a new collection of affecting and relatable songs, but it has also opened doors for up-and-coming artists to showcase their passion for music, and for some, even make their dreams come true.

Learn more about five of Himig 11th edition’s first-time interpreters and what joining the celebrated songwriting competition signify to them:

1. An answered prayer for Zephanie

“I was surprised since I’ve been really praying to be an interpreter,” Zephanie said upon recalling the moment she learned that she will interpret SJ Gandia’s “Tinadhana Sa’Yo” for the latest edition of Himig. The “Idol Philippines” champion shared that it’s as if she already knew the song by heart with how quick she learned it and that she couldn’t wait to perform the song—which she described as ‘sad but hopeful’—live.

2. Something to check off JMKO’s bucket list

TikTok Philippines’ Music Creator of 2020 JMKO remembered having to ask twice if he was really interpreting a song for Himig as it has been on his bucket list as a Star Music artist. The opportunity was also made more special since “Tabi-Tabi Po” was composed by his college friend Mariah Moriones, who picked him as the interpreter of the song because of his soothing vocals and his ability to deliver its message of “waiting as an act of love.”

3. Kiss ‘N Tell’s biggest break

Composers and band members Joshua Ortiz and Aniceto Cabahug III couldn’t help but scream and shout when they learned that their track “Pahina” is officially a finalist of Himig 11th edition. Joshua said, “Napaos ako kakasigaw,” while Aniceto recalled, “Tumitili-tili pa nga ako eh!” Band vocalist Jarea meanwhile admitted that they are ‘struggling artists,’ so they took a risk in interpreting their own composition to hopefully have more people discover them.

4. An easy collaborative project for ZILD

Another rookie Himig interpreter ZILD, who is also a singer-songwriter himself, said he easily understood what composer Dan Tañedo wanted to convey with “Ibang Planeta” which he channeled for his interpretation of the song. According to him, the process was easy as “they just let me do my thing,” and that translated to Dan and ABS-CBN Music creative director Jonathan Manalo’s immediate appreciation of his recording.

5. A dream come true for FANA

“Really thankful and overwhelmed” was how former “Idol PH” finalist FANA described what she felt when her dream of being a Himig interpreter finally came true on the songwriting competition’s 11th edition with Erica Sabalboro’s “Out.” FANA admitted having a hard time singing the entry since it hits home and tackles mental health awareness. “I was bullied when I was younger and there was a time when I didn’t want to talk to anyone and just be alone. I shared it with a friend. It really helps that you have someone to share your feelings to,” she said.

Listen to these songs interpreted by Zephanie, JMKO, Kiss ‘N Tell, ZILD, FANA, along with the rest of the #Himig11thEdition tracks on Spotify and on various digital music streaming services. The music videos of the songs are also out now on Star Music’s YouTube channel. For more details, follow on Facebook.

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