Robin Padilla Launches Docu Film ‘Memoirs of a Teenage Rebel’

RCP Production successfully premiered the documentary film “Memoirs of a Teenage Rebel” on Saturday, December 5, at Cinema 10 of Sta. Lucia East Grandmall in Cainta, Rizal.

RCP Production, which stands for Robin Cariño Padilla Productions is a Philippine production company focused on quality storytelling, documentaries and films which feature the culture and current situation in the Philippines. Known for acclaimed films such as “Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo” (2014), “10,000 Hours,” and “Sa Ngalan ng Ama, Ina, at Mga Anak” (2014), the company was founded by veteran actor Robin Padilla who served as the producer of “Memoirs of a Teenage Rebel.” He was involved from concept stage, editing up to post-production.

The documentary film tells the story of Ivy Lyn Corpin as she reveals her dark past as a former rebel in the New People’s Army (NPA). It begins from her recruitment, to her rise as being one of the leaders of the NPA. However, her life changes when she is tasked to recruit a new member – a student named IRA. They unexpectedly become best friends, and IRA is eventually persuaded to join the NPA.

Once within the organization though, Ira begins to witness the horrors – and be the victim of – the NPA. She is raped multiple times, the revelation of which disheartens Ivy. Both start to slowly lose their belief in the organization, which is aggravated by them witnessing the rampant corruption within the organization.

One night, they are handed a mission to ambush a military officer. It would be IRA’s first and would fulfill the NPA’s murderous initiation rite. But what was considered an easy mission turns into a bloody battle, with Ira dying in Ivy’s arms. This finally awakens Ivy into realizing that she’s fighting the wrong war.

Ivy then comes out on this documentary to tell her story, in her own words, and to give advice to the youth: to not follow the same path she and Ira did.

Other supporting interviewees in docufilm include a former female NPA urban poor recruiter who was sexually abused while in the organization, a recruiter who manipulates the farmers and the indigenous people, an NPA extortionists who explains their violent ways on extorting money from businesses nationwide, a former NGO finance officer for the CPP NPA who explains the process of how they get international funding through exploitation.

“Memoirs of a Teenage Rebel” also features testimonies from tribal leaders of the indigenous people who expressed their fear from being oppressed by the rebels, captured rebels that were unharmed and were given a new chance for a better life, a mother that is still searching for her teenage daughter who is assumed to have joined the rebellion, and a Catholic priest who explains the value of parents spending time with their children to avoid possible recruitment.

Confirming these facts mentioned in this courageous documentary are General Cirilito Sobejana, the Commanding General of Philippine Army; General Gilbert Gapay, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines; and Hermogenes Esperon, National Security Adviser and Director. General of the National Security Council.

Directed by Miguel dela Cruz, “Memoirs of a Teenage Rebel” is being entered in the documentary movie category of the 46th Metro Manila Film Festival.

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  1. Pusong Pinoy // December 17, 2020 at 7:11 am //

    The Philippines has just secured 13 billion DOLLARS in foreign funds for Covid aid. This means 650 Billion pesos. Robin, hindi ito galing sa China Kundi sa iba Ibang bansang kinakalaban ni Poon mo. Philippines, please be vigilant and make sure these funds fall on the right hands at hindi na naman makurakot. Ikaw Robin, mahilig ka rin lang magkukuda, why don’t you be on the look out and be sure these funds reach the rightful parties, okay, kapatid? Marami nang natanggap na tulong ang bansa in the billions from all over the world. Nasaan na?

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