Meet Ben Tennyson’s Fiercest Aliens in ‘Ben 10 Movie’

Hero time is upon us as Cartoon Network, together with SKY, brings the anticipated world premiere of the newest Ben 10 movie, entitled “Ben 10 vs. the Universe: The Movie” this coming October 10, Saturday.

But before we join our hero, Ben Tennyson, let’s have a quick look at his trusty Omnitrix and meet his reliable yet fierce aliens and guess which ones are going with him on this epic journey to space.

1) Jetray and his high-flying capabilities

Jetray is Ben’s fastest flyer in the roster of his superpowered aliens. With the help of his glider, Jetray can soar through the skies at supersonic speed. And because he can fly fast, he can knock opponents down with his neuroshock blasts coming off his eyes and tail—making him a formidable threat in midair.

2) The lustrous Diamondhead

Polished or not, Diamondhead is a tough crystal to crack. Due to his bizarre crystalline atomic structure, Diamondhead can manipulate his body parts into a gigantic blade or mace. He can also shoot crystal spikes to take on bad guys from a distance and can even absorb and deflect energy beams!

3) Rock ‘n rollin’ Cannonbolt

Rolling and bouncing off villains is Cannonbolt’s favorite hobby. With his ability to curl and morph into a large ball, he can ricochet past bad guys like a bowling ball going for a strike down the alley. Cannonbolt’s build is also suitable for defensive strategies to protect everyone from harm.

4) The electrifying Shock Rock

One of Ben’s latest alien transformations, Shock Rock is as electrifying as a lightning bolt! He has the capabilities to unleash powerful electrical charges that are sure to leave villains in a shock. Not only that, but Shock Rock can also move objects with the help of his telekinetic skill.

5) Smash-loving Humungousaur

When it comes to smashing, Ben can count on Humungousaur. With his dinosaur-like frame and massive strength, he can lift heavy objects and hurl it against his toughest adversaries. Humungousaur can also alter his size at will, shrinking to about 10 feet and even bulking up to 60 feet!

6) The mighty Four Arms

Four Arms is one of Ben’s beloved aliens that can indeed pack a punch… four times! His extraterrestrial strength, along with his jacked four-armed body, can knock out large opponents with an array of strong punch combos. Four Arms can also create massive shockwaves when he slams his hands altogether.

7) The fiery and explosive Heatblast

Heatblast is a scorching nightmare for bad guys all over the universe. This pyrokinetic alien hurls fireballs against opponents and can even generate immense heat that can melt through roads and thick steel.

8) Vine-swinging Wildvine

Ben’s Wildvine is nature’s reliable hero. As he morphs into the plant-like creature, Wildvine can extend his limbs into vines that can be used for swinging and restraining enemies.

9) The quick XLR8

Meet XLR8, Ben’s most rapid alien among the bunch. XLR8 runs so fast, time stops before him, which enables him to manipulate circumstances before happening in real-time. Bad guys tend to go tired and dizzy because they could not catch Ben’s reliable speedster on his tracks.

10) Small but terrible Grey Matter

Don’t let his size fool you. Grey Matter could be Ben’s tiniest alien transformation, but he is the most intelligent in the group. He possesses other-worldly intellect, which he uses to understand complex problems and build outrageous machinery.

10.10 is going to be epic as fans and SKY subscribers can catch the premiere of “Ben 10 vs. The Universe: The Movie” at 10 AM on Cartoon Network (SD Ch. 43 | HD Ch. 178, Mega Manila; SD Ch.104 | HD Ch. 731, Baguio, Bacolod, Iloilo, Cebu, Dumaguete, Davao, and Gensan).

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