Top 5 Best PS4 Games to Play on a Romantic Date

Meeting someone on a dating platform is relatively straightforward. You browse through a series of profiles. You choose someone you are attracted to and start sending messages. Your relationship develops. It helps this matching if you can find someone who shares your hobbies, and it that common ground happens to be gaming, the sky’s the limit with options for your romantic dates. Here are five of the most recommended PS4 games for you to indulge in when you get-together with your new partner according to internal poll conducted by review service.

A Way Out

This PS4 game is ideal for any couple, allowing them to flex their competitive muscles. Played from the third-person perspective, you control a pair of convicts, Leo and Vincent, who engineer a daring prison breakout before going on to evade the authorities. The tricky aspect of this situation is that the progress of these villains can be split-screened and not always synchronized in real-time. For instance, Vincent must overpower a nurse to escape, while whoever is controlling Leo has to find a chisel at the same time. Close co-operation is required if you are to taste freedom – what better way to cement your own relationship?

Injustice 2

Comic books have spawned so many superhero movies that you’d need to have been marooned in some desert island not to be aware of the key characters with such a hold on popular culture. Here you have an entire roster of DC’s main protagonists at your disposal, from Batman to Wonder Woman, The Joker to Superman. The plot centers around Batman and his Insurgents as they try restoring order after Superman’s Regime has collapsed. There are so many other characters at your disposal, and as you get to grips with the captivating storyline, so many choices will become available when it comes to triumphing over your other half. Consistently praised by critics and fans alike, half the allure of this game is controlling these heroes you’re so familiar with.


Although Doom has been around for some time (a first-person shooter first released back in 1993,) this title has only recently been released to this enthralling PS4 version. This hotly anticipated game release didn’t disappoint its eagerly awaiting fans. With nine levels to master, you and your partner become space marines – doom guys – who have to battle their way across star systems battling demons from Hell. The premise is basic enough, but that won’t hinder your enjoyment of this gory shoot-em-up extravaganza. If you’re feeling as if your pulse isn’t rushing enough, you can always invest in the next stage in the development of this games franchise, the rebooted Doom Eternal.

Rock Band 4

Music. Games. The perfect combo for your romantic evening of entertainment. What makes this PS4 title even more enjoyable is the way it will bring you together as you enjoy rocking out to your favorite songs, either karaoke-style or by employing instruments. The basic game comes with 60 titles, but you can steadily add to this with additional downloadable content, including a back-catalog of thousands from prior versions of the game.

Hidden Agenda

This game presents a somewhat darker proposition than any of the others but is still ideal for bringing you closer as you pit your wits against a notorious killer, The Trapper. You can also work against each other if you choose to operate under your own agenda. However you decide to approach the interaction of detective Becky Marney and district attorney Felicity Graves, always remember that any intense rivalry is merely going to pave the way for making up afterward.

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