Skull Bracelets: Types and Materials

Everybody knows that bikers love skulls. You can see the images of skulls on motorcycle club logos, on the mean machines, and on bikers themselves. Motorcyclists consider skulls to be protectors and patrons, so it comes as no surprise that they are skull-toting fellas. Skulls adorn their bodies in a form of tattoos, jewelry, accessories, t-shirt prints, and in any other imaginable and unimaginable way. When it comes to jewelry, one of the most lovable pieces is a bracelet. Bikers prefer their body ornaments to be thick and audacious, and bracelets are no exception. If you’re in a market for one of such items, you should know your options. Below, we quickly go over the most common skull bracelet designs found in the biker community.

1. Chain Bracelets Featuring a Skull Clasp

Simple chain bracelets are golden oldie. Bikers flaunt them, too. However, since we talk about biker jewelry, these chain bracelets come with a difference. Instead of a classic snap, they feature a skull-shaped one, whether it is a T-bar clasp with skull heads on both ends or a lobster claw crowned with a cranium.

The beauty of these bracelets is that you can wear them anywhere, even to an office with a rather strict dress code. You shouldn’t have any trouble with hiding a skulled clasp from the prying eyes. On the other hand, you will know that a skull is there, hidden in a plain view, and this should provide a feeling of satisfaction.

Biker bracelets, for the most part, are made of silver whereas steel is a runner-up metal. Steel is cheaper and, unlike silver, it doesn’t tarnish, but it fails to carry a vibe of worthiness and nobility. Besides, it cannot provide a wealth of options when it comes to designs and surface treatment. For instance, silver is often artificially oxidized or blackened to introduce the sought-after light-and-dark contrast but steel isn’t up to this task.


2. Full-Skull Bracelets

If you prefer something skuller, you’ll find full skull bracelets in abundance. Unlike the previous type of bracelets, a skull isn’t concealed, it steals the show. If a biker skull bracelet is built upon chain links, a small cranium sits on every single one of them. If it is an ID bracelet, a skull can be found on both the plate and links.

As if skull-adorned links weren’t enough to express your love for the most respected biker symbol, designers risked throwing more skulls to the mix whenever possible. A single huge skull-shaped charm or a multitude of small skulled beads will speak louder than words to manifest how much into biker fashion you are. Needless to say, these designs are not for everyday wear. Rather, they are for rallies and get-togethers where an over-the-top bracelet won’t cause any eyebrow-raising effect.


3. Leather Bracelets

Leather biker jackets, leather motorcycle seats, and leather bracelets to make the leather-clad image complete. In fact, the first bracelets that have been labeled as ‘biker’ were made of leather. Back in the day, bikers were more into practicality than looks. A weighty metal bracelet doesn’t sit comfortably when riding. Leather bracelets are a totally different thing. They wrap around the wrist snuggly, they don’t hinder movements, and they look awesome. Leather biker bracelets stemmed from protective gears worn around the wrist to reduce fatigue. Over time, those gears became thinner and their meaning was rethought, which resulted in the occurrence of bracelets the way we know them today.

Skulls are sprinkled into leather bracelets in various ways, from sitting on a clasp and studs to starring at us from charms.


4. Beaded Bracelets

If you’re looking for something more original than leather and metal, beads are the next best thing. Unlike the previous designs that carry a rather brutal and overly masculine vibe, beaded bracelets are more down to earth and hippie-ish. Brown beads with brass skull inserts will take you straight to the 1960s thanks to their retro spirit. Need something more kick-ass? Then go for bracelets assembled of black onyx beads with silver or black skull charms. Black and silver together is always a win-win combination. You won’t have a lack of options if you opt for beaded bracelets. One, two, and even three-string bracelets, inserts of precious and semi-precious gems, wooden beads, metals beads, single-color or multi-color options… the product range is definitely an embarrassment of riches.


5. Bangle Bracelets

Some people might say that bangles are for ladies but bikers disagree. They know a lot about masculine accessories so their opinion is something you can’t ignore. Both wide cuff bracelets and narrow wire-style adjustable bangles look awesome when being adorned with menacing skulls. The latter option seems to be in the rage these days, especially when a pair of raging skulls decorates each end of a dangle. Jewelry designers feel confident enough to take a step away from traditional biker fashion and bring mainstream vibes into bangle bracelets. For instance, it is not uncommon to see skulls with ruby or emerald eyes or gold plating in biker bracelets.

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