‘How to Buy a Friend,’ ‘ Soul Mechanic,’ ‘Sweet Munchies’ and Other Korean Shows this June

Korean fever continues on SKY as it gives the entire family a wide-ranging line-up of shows across genres—from romance to thriller to reality shows—on TvN, Kix, KBS World, and K Plus channels, all this month of June.

“Sweet Munchies” is not your ordinary tale of a love triangle. Jung Il Woo (Park Jin-Sung) is a chef and a bar-owner don on his luck, struggling to pay for his father’s medical bills. When regular bar customer Kang Ji Young (Kim Ah Jin) asks him if he knew a gay chef who could star in her latest project, he lies about his sexual preference and offers himself for the part. Things get complicated and trouble ensues when they start fighting over one man. Airing Tuesdays & Wednesdays at 9:15 PM on K Plus, the drama is shown within 24 hours of its South Korea airing.

“Soul Mechanic”‘ promises to be a roller coaster ride of emotions with the story of Lee Shi-Joon (Shin Ha Kyun), psychiatrist and rising actress Han Woo-Joo (Jung So-Min). He is a passionate doctor with unorthodox ways in curing people of their emotional wounds while she has anger issues and mental breakdowns that threatens her career. Can his compassion be the key to healing her wounded soul? Catch it every Thursday & Friday at 9:10 PM on KBS World, as it airs simultaneously in Korea.

In “Prison Playbook,” Korea’s best baseball pitcher Je-Hyeok (Park Hae-Soo) is all set to make his major league debut in the US. But his new life is put on hold when he gets into a struggle with a man who assaults his sister. Convicted of using excessive force, he is sentenced to a year in prison. Get acquainted with the stories of convicts, their families, and officers working in prison as Je-Hyeok forms relationships with his fellow inmates in this inspiring take of life behind bars. Get in on the action Tuesdays & Wednesdays at 9:20 PM on TvN.

“2 Weeks” takes viewers to the dangerous world of the small-time gangster Jang Tae San. When he discovers from a past relationship that he has a daughter awaiting a bone marrow transplant, he also learns only he could save her life. Taking this as a chance to pay for his past sins, he agrees to undergo surgery. But many obstacles stand in the way—he is framed by gangmates for murder and must evade the police. He must get to his daughter without getting caught in two weeks or she dies. Premiering on June 25, it airs every Thursday & Friday at 10 PM on KIX.

Valuable life lessons abound in “How to Buy a Friend.” Don Hyuk becomes his high school’s prized fighter after his girlfriend’s suicide. As the tragedy takes a toll on him, he gets into fights and sent to detention. Returning to school after one of his scuffles, he meets Park Chan Hong, a bullied student with talent for writing. As Don Hyuk discovers a clue about his girlfriend’s suicide, he enlists Chan Hong to help him investigate. In exchange, he serves as Chan Hong’s personal bodyguard. Thus begins an unlikely relationship that brings them to dramatic events as they try to find out the truth behind the suicide. With a simultaneous airing in Korea, the show is on Fridays at 5:15 PM on KBS World.

Sing and dance your worries away the Korean way with “KBS Music Bank” and “Show Champion.” Have fun with the best tunes in South Korea and be dazzled with fantastic performances from the nation’s top musicians, as you follow the latest Korean music trends through the hottest songs on K-chart. Meanwhile, be entertained with “Show Champion,” hosted by various guest MCs, featuring popular Korean hits and upcoming super rookies of the K-Pop scene. KBS Music Bank is on live every Friday at 4 PM on KBS World while “Show Champion” airs every Sunday at 8 PM on K Plus.

Then, enjoy some K-Pop vibe with “Road to Kingdom.” In this second installment to “Queendom,” get to journey with seven rising boy groups—Pentagon, ONF, Golden Child, The Boyz, Verivery, ONEUS, and TOO as they compete with each other. Catch the thrill every Thursday at 11 PM on TvN.

Get your fix of the best Korean entertainment this month as you stay home together with SKY. Not in your line-up? Choose to add these channels via Select for as low as P20/month. To subscribe or get more updates on SKY offers and services, visit

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