‘Love By Chance Season 2’ Drops Teaser Poster and Trailer

Studio Wabi Sabi’s Love by Chance, the most romantic Thai BL of all time (yes, it’s miles better than the overhyped “2gether the Series”), is airing its second season later this year. But this time, season 1’s secondary couple Tin-Can will headline the new season in order to continue their interesting love story which ended in a heartbreaking situation.

Taking the steering wheel for season 2 are Plan Rathavit and Mean Phiravich, the Tin-Can love team. Tin was heartbroken when Can did not accept his proposal during the last episode of Season 1 but it looks like their love story will have a second chance in the new season. This show will also mark Mean’s final BL project as he goes mainstream this year. As a matter of fact, he is one of the two male leads in the Rom-Com series My BubbleTea.

According to reports, Season 1’s main couple Perth Tanapon and Saint Suppapong will no longer reunite in the second season but the former will have recurring appearances as his character Ae (proven in the trailer). In an interview with Dara Daily, Saint directly answered the question of why he will not appear in season 2:

“I think if they want me to take part in the series, they would’ve contacted me before finishing the teaser,” he said. “My schedule is tight and quite long. I have WhyRU the Series and Let’s Fight Ghost. I don’t think it’s appropriate to make them wait for me,” he added.

Rumor has it that Perth and Saint’s managers had an altercation and that’s the reason why Perth and Saint can no longer commit to a project together and that disappointed a lot of fans since the Ae-Pete love story is one of the most beloved by viewers among all Thai Boys Love series. Another thing that disappointed the fans is Perth’s declaration that LBC2 will be his last BL project, too!

Also reprising their roles in Season 2 are Gun Napat Na Ranong as Techno, Earth Katsamonnat Namwirote as Tar, Mark Siwat Jumlongkul as Kengkla, Title Kirati Puangmalee as Tum, Samantha Melanie Coates as Bow, Kris Songsamphant as Technic, Best Vittawin Veeravidhayanant as Good, Cherreen Nachjaree Horvejkul as ChaAim, and Yacht Surat Permpoonsavat as Pond.

New Siwaj Sawatmaneekul is still at the helm of season 2. He’s also the director of popular BL series like “Until We Meet Again,” “ReminderS” and two seasons of “Make It Right.”

Watch the teaser trailers for “Love By Chance Season 2” below:

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