Gender-Bender K-Drama ‘The Tale of Nokdu’ Premieres March 2

Romance and trouble ensue when a man forced to disguise himself as a woman for an important mission finds himself falling for a woman in “The Tale of Nokdu,” the newest Asianovela that will thrill viewers starting March 2 on ABS-CBN.

Get to know Nokdu (Jang Dong Yoon), a man who goes on a conquest to find the mysterious lady assassins who attacked and harmed his family.

He follows one of the assassins and eventually reaches the town capital where he meets Dong Ju (Kim So Hyun), a woman who dressed as a man to kill the king for vengeance. It will not be a pleasing first encounter for the two as Nokdu stands in the way of Dong Ju’s plans.

They go their separate ways as Nokdu follows the assassin to a village owned by widows where men are strictly prohibited. Desperate to enter the village, the young man then comes up with a plan — he will dress as a woman until he finds his enemy.

In his search to track down the assassin, he will cross paths with a person he least expects — Dong Ju, but now in her true identity. Not knowing the lady is the man he met, Nokdu falls for Dong Ju. But things will instantly get out of hand as Dong Ju discovers that Nokdu is a lady in disguise, threatening his mission to find the assailant that hurt his family.

Will Nokdu still succeed in his mission? Can he still pursue the love he has for Dong Ju?

Don’t miss “The Tale of Nokdu” on ABS-CBN and ABS-CBN HD (SkyCable ch 167).

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