Kang Daniel Beats 4 BTS Members on Top of the Idol Ranking Chart this November

Kang Daniel ranked 1st on the individual idol ranking chart for the month of November beating 4 BTS members according to entertainment website The former WannaOne member garnered a total of 97,508 votes making him no. 1 for the 85th consecutive week.

This month’s runner-up is BTS’ Jimin with 64,152 votes. In third place is V with 46,330 votes. Completing the Top 5 are Jungkook (#4) with 19,573 votes, and Jin (#5) with 14,596 votes.

Lai Kuan Lin also made the list at 6th with 10,487 votes. Ha Sung Woon placed 7th with 9,928 votes. Trot star Song Ga In settled for 8th with 8,843 votes. Completing the Top 10 are AB6IX’s Park Woo Jin (#9) with 7,276 votes, and NUEST’s Minhyun (#10) with 4,415 votes.

17 Comments on Kang Daniel Beats 4 BTS Members on Top of the Idol Ranking Chart this November

  1. Sometimes respect are the true nature of a man, but sometimes jealousy and hatred makes the human forget respect,, I know that kang Daniel is not that popular around the world, for the reason that he still growing as an artist.. Criticize me if I’m wrong but bts also face the same way when they both starting in the industry of music in south korea.. Ive known kang Daniel for so long the way he started with his career and I also known bts and all there hardship and how amazing they are as an artist… I truly respect the both of them… But some people seem like they don’t understand the words “respect”… Take note that every person deserves being respect.. There a saying say that “before you judge the book by its cover, try to open it and discover” and maybe you might know and respect that person is. Because we are not wearing the same shoes.. And it goes with our own different lives… So stop criticizing people, if you don’t know them at all, same page you criticized with kang Daniel and comparing him with bts.. Bts comes farther they reach every step of the way because they work will as an artist and as a unique individual.. On the other hand kang Daniel are just started so please a little respect… And think about it how would bts feels when some of there army are being rude..and cannot respect some one who just try to reach his dream, just like bts does…

    #respect people… 🙂

  2. De que marca y de que tipo de clasificación están hablando

  3. Wow army really are vicious and petty. I’m a solo PJM stan and I congratulate KD and all his fans. You guys are awesome and I respect KD a lot. It’s ok if my favorite didn’t got the number 1 spot, they all work very hard and are so talented.

  4. You go Kang Daniel 👏

  5. Only in korea, but try to ask the world and lets see whos real number one.

  6. I dont even know him . May his popular in sk . His not that handsome even .

  7. Only in Korea but when u talking about worldwide? People know that bts was on top

  8. Army❤️BTS // November 11, 2019 at 4:11 pm //

    I luv BTS even if they are not number one bcuz they’re always number one in my heart 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Oh God, here come the armies. Kang Daniel is a very well known man and you must be living under a rock if you don’t know who he is

  10. Both of the artist are amazing. I have know Daniel and BTS for a very long time. I knew Daniel from produce 101 s2 so ik what kind of person he is. Of course both of them deserve being on top. They are of different types. BTS is going worldwide and he just started his new career after the disbandment of Wanna One. I hope you guys support both of these amazing artist 💜

  11. That’s a load of crap

  12. I’m an army and there is no way he is number one ahead of the BTS Members mentioned. Maybe only on that website and South Korea. BTS Number one in the WORLD. Also never heard of voting on that website.

  13. Bts kazanmalıydı diğer yorumlarda yazdığı gibi.kimse bilmiyordu ben bile issegramda öğrendim oy verdim ama sonuçlar açılmıştı bunu heryerde paylaşmanız lazımdı.

  14. Sir Simon Cowell // November 11, 2019 at 12:24 pm //

    Kindly check Google Search Trend & YouTube Search Trend, y’all will find out whether Kang Daniel is Top #1 either in da World or Korea. BTS members are the Most Popular ones. KD’s popular in Korea only during disbanded Wanna One era. Now, he’s more haters than fans especially after his alleged conning his fans. He has not responded to the claim till today. Well, there are dozens of voting charts for ranking. This particular chart were W1 era favourite chart. So, KD got more votes as other fans just ignore tis chart. So, don’t judge his popularity based on tis 3rd class rated chart.

  15. I'm an Army // November 11, 2019 at 10:56 am //

    The poll was being conducted by website where most of the voters are Koreans. Remember BTS is no. 1 around the world except in South Korea. That’s why Kang Daniel won.

  16. Who the heck is Kang Daniel? The only reason he is on the top is because nobody knew or care about this poll.

  17. Lee men ho

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