BTS’ Jimin and Jungkook Top Brand Value Analysis in April

BTS’ Jimin is once again at no. 1 of of the Brand Reputation Rankings for individual K-pop group members for the month of April as revealed by the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation. His bandmate Jungkook is now at no. 2!

In April’s brand value analysis, Jimin got 15,812,891 points while Jungkook garnered 10,325,070 points. Previous second placer Kang Daniel (former Wanna One member) dropped to third with 9,149,411 points.

It’s interesting to note that the members of Wanna One are no longer in the Top 30. Only one member of EXO remains in the top list courtesy of Chen. Only one member of BLACKPINK makes it to the list–Jennie Kim. 8 members of the rookie group IZ*ONE are now in the list with Jang Won Young making it to the Top 10.

Check out this month’s ranking:

1. Jimin of BTS
2. Jungkook of BTS
3. Kang Daniel, formerly of Wanna One
4. V of BTS
5. Jin of BTS
6. RM of BTS
7. Suga of BTS
8. J-Hope of BTS
9. Jennie of BLACKPINK
10. Jang Won Young of IZ*ONE

11. Ahn Yoo Jin of IZ*ONE
12. Sana of TWICE
13. Kim Min Joo of IZ*ONE
14. Momo of TWICE
15. Tzuyu of TWICE
16. Miyawaki Sakura of IZ*ONE
17. Ha Sung Woon
18. Jihyo of TWICE
19. Chen of EXO
20. Lee Dae Hwi of AB6IX

21. Kwon Eun Bi of IZ*ONE
22. Cha Eun Woo of ASTRO
23. Minhyun of NU’EST
24. Lee Chae Yeon of IZ*ONE
25. Chaeyoung TWICE
26. Park Ji Hoon
27. Jo Yu Ri of IZ*ONE
28. Yoon Ji Sung
29. Choi Ye Na of IZ*ONE
30. Nayeon of TWICE

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  1. jimin king of kpop 💙🎉

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