‘PBB Otso’ Begins Ultimate Battle of Big Fours

The most intense battle in “PBB Otso” begins as the Big 4 of each batch once again step inside Kuya’s house and face each other off for a chance to become this season’s ultimate big winner.

First to return to the “PBB” house were Teen Batch 1’s Karina Bautista and Adult Batch 2’s Fumiya Sankai, who instantly did a task where Fumiya became a human roulette and Karina had to throw fruits at several targets with written names of foods.

Aside from the grand union of Big 4s, viewers should watch out for the announcement of the big winners of each batch and what advantage will this give to their current standing.

Meanwhile, completing the Batch 4 Big 4 were Kiara Takashi and Argel Saycon, who got the highest number of votes from the public. They now join Akie Poblete and Wealand Ferrer, who both won in the Big Jump challenges, in the coveted spots.

Who among the housemates will be hailed the ultimate big winner?

Watch “PBB Otso” every night on ABS-CBN. Viewers can also tune in every afternoon to “PBB Otso Gold” on Kapamilya Gold.

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