The Latest Revolutions in Mobile Technology

The mobile phones in our hands are evolving to match our needs, with technology and manufacturing companies attempting to modernize and adapt their products. This ensures that there are almost constant revolutions being made in the world of mobile technology, some of which will change the way that we use mobile phones.

• Miniaturization

Although mobile phone miniaturization has been constantly improving for many years now, this does not look set to disappear from the agenda, with large companies such as Apple and Samsung constantly releasing slimmer and smaller phones for our use. Miniaturization may make mobiles easier to carry with you and transport, but there is a large amount of complex tech that is used to create this miniaturization. A large part of this is through the reduction in the size of PCBs, the Printed Circuit Boards that create electrical currents through our devices. However, it is not only large companies that have access to PCBs. Companies such as Altium have developed affordable professional PCB design software that allows you to create PCBs from scratch with online design tools.

• Creation of 5G

Companies in China have now started to develop the next stage of cellular network technology, with the implementation of 5G networks. This technology is rapidly developing and we can expect to see the beginnings of the new network formulate in a matter of years. This leading network technology will give way to superfast and accessible speeds when you are out and about, allowing you to access the internet whenever the network is available. Experts recommend that 1 billion users will be using this network by 2023, giving us new connections that will rapidly influence a number of different industries.

• Instant Apps

Whereas current technology ensures that you must download and access apps for your mobile phone through an app store that has been created especially for this purpose, this may not always be the case. Google has now started to introduce technology that will allow you to bypass the download stage of the app store and be able to access apps with a single click, increasing the accessibility of their content. This is called app-streaming and will give you the ability to use apps without prior installations, with the app only downloading the necessary information for the part of the app that the mobile owner is using.

• Mobile-First Technology

With the evolution of mobiles meaning that more and more people are abandoning their laptops and completing the majority of their tasks on their mobile phone, this has given way to what is called mobile-first technology. Mobile-first technology covers a range of different technologies but is defined by products that are adapted to suit users on mobile phones. For instance, this means that there is going to be a higher proliferation of mobile-friendly websites and the ability to shop and pay for products from your mobile phone, where before it has not been easy to do this.

Mobile technology is developing rapidly. With the evolution of other aspects of technology, our mobile phone designs will be getting slimmer, more receptive, and faster due to improvements that are already starting to be put into place.

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