‘It Started With A Kiss’ Movie Now Showing in PH Cinemas

Aside from “Meteor Garden,” there’s another Japanese manga that swept Asia by storm–“It’s Started with a Kiss.”

Taiwan first made a TV adaptation of the said manga with the original title “Mischievous Kiss” in 2005 and it became a hit across Asia. The series had a sequel, too, titled “They Kissed Again.”

More than a decade after, Taiwan made a movie adaptation of the hit series starring Asian heartthrob Darren Wang and Jelly Lin (Lin Yun).

Just like in the series, the movie tells the story of a naive and clumsy girl named Yuan Xiangqin who is secretly in love with the handsome Class A student Jiang Zhishu. A romantic roller coaster begins after an unexpected kiss between the two.

“It Started With A Kiss” the movie is now showing in Philippine cinemas!

Watch the trailer below:

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