Shamaine Buencamino and Maricar de Mesa Topbill ‘Ingrata’ Episode of ‘Ipaglaban Mo’

Shamaine Buencamino‘s love for her family will be put to the test when her own relatives turn against her on “Ipaglaban Mo” this Saturday (March 2).

Medy (Shamaine) is an OFW retiree who bought land for her niece Perla (Maricar de Mesa) when the later and her family—her husband Dado (Yul Servo) and their son Miguel (Jon Lucas)—lost their entire livelihood in a fire.

Everything goes well for Medy when she lives with Perla’s family. But when her savings eventually runs out, she gets maltreated by the only living family she has being an unmarried woman herself. Medy gets verbally and physically abused because she is seen as a burden to the family, who neglects the fact that she was the first one who helped them out when they were in need.

Medy eventually finds the courage to reach out to a former employer in Korea, an English professor, Lara (Myla Gumila) to help her fight her relatives. Their case goes as far as the Supreme Court where Perla claims that Medy gave her the land “in good faith.”

What will the law say about the schemes of Perla and her family? Is there still a chance for Medy to win her case so she can retire peacefully?

“Ipaglaban Mo,” the longest-running legal drama on Philippine television, offers viewers entertaining and informative episodes about real-life cases, which they may learn from. It also offers free legal advice to the public every week at ABS-CBN’s Tulong Center in Quezon City.

Don’t miss the “Ingrata,” episode of “Ipaglaban Mo,” directed by Ian Loreños, this Saturday (March 2) after “It’s Showtime” on ABS-CBN.

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