The Benefits of Silymarin

Silymarin or Milk Thistle has been around over decades in supporting liver and kidney health. Aside from that, there are other benefits in Silymarin which is why I can’t help but to love love love it! My experience with Silymarin can be called a cliché but then again, I’m still proud because it’s true. I was a big fan of unhealthy food. I mean I know it’s unhealthy but I still manage to eat huge portions of pizza, burgers, crispy pata, chicharon, chips, sweets, cakes, chocolates, candies, fruit juices, friend food, you name it! I can eat a whole lot of it and not gain weight and I’d think I’m one of the lucky ones who can eat so much without thinking of getting heavier. It took its toll on me last year, just when I thought I was okay, that I am invincible, that I can do no damage to my own health because I’m slim—I was wrong. I grew ill, my immune system is very weak, I’d get flu, cough and colds alternately—one after the other. It was hell! Until such time my parents had enough of it and took me to the doctors to have my health checked. Everything seems okay until I got the results of my blood work, my cholesterol is higher than normal, my blood sugar level is high as well and my liver is working extra hard because of the bad diet I was on. I didn’t know what to expect, I wasn’t that health conscious obviously but I followed the instructions my doctor gave me. I had to follow a very strict healthy diet together with regular exercise and a supplement with Silymarin. That’s when I developed the love for Silymarin! It helped me become healthier and aided in protecting my liver. Aside from that, I learned a lot more of the benefits Silymarin has such as preventing cancer, diabetes, heart problems and cognitive problems!

By using supplements with Vitamin C and Milk Thistle or Silymarin you may also improve your liver functions. Vitamin C and Milk Thistle help promote the growth of new liver cells while strengthening the liver health thus the prevention of diseases. There are food supplements that are easy to buy which has the combination of Silymarin and Sodium Ascorbate like LiverMarin. LiverMarin has Silymarin and Sodium Ascorbate that may help prevent over-production of insulin, manage SGPT/SGOT levels, prevent liver diseases such as liver cirrhosis and can even help prevent the liver from Hepatitis A and B. If you feel like it’s hard to get this product, do what I did. I checked and found LiverMarin at Mercury Drug!

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