Kuya Kim Searches for the Elusive Tamaraw in ‘Matanglawin’ Anniversary Special

Ten years after the debut of “Matanglawin,” Kim Atienza finds himself back where they made the very first episode of the multi-awarded educational program, this time to find the elusive tamaraws of Mindoro. Join him in his exciting journey in the show’s third anniversary special this Sunday (March 18), 10:45am on ABS-CBN.

The tamaraw is a critically-endangered species that can only be found in Mindoro. Kuya Kim’s search for them begins with a visit to Kali or Kalibasib, the last captive-bred tamaraw in the country. Joining Kuya Kim is wildlife veterinarian Doc Momi Bernardo, who will check Kali’s health condition.

Kuya Kim also gets to know the Tau-buid or Mangyan tribe, whose culture is intertwined with the tamaraw. One of them even became a tamaraw ranger, who is tasked to protect the species, as the tribe believes that when the tamaraws disappear, the Mangyans will follow.

Meanwhile, another tamaraw ranger, Mang Ed, was nearly killed by a tamaraw yet remains committed to protect these majestic creatures, estimated to be just 400 in number, despite the difficulties and dangers the job brings.

Kuya Kim and the “Matanglawin” team join the tamaraw rangers in a rough trek to the Magawang station of Mt. Iglit to search for the elusive animal and discover more facts about the species that was featured on the one-peso coin. Will the renowned animal lover finally meet a tamaraw? Is there still hope to save these animals that have also been used to symbolize our nation?

Find out as we celebrate Kuya Kim and the “Matanglawin” team’s commitment to make learning fun and meaningful in their month-long anniversary special this Sunday (March 18), 9:45 am on ABS-CBN and ABS-CBN HD. Watch online via and For updates on the program, follow @MatanglawinTV on Facebook and Twitter.

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