Do Everything You Want Online for as Low as P50 with #SmartGigaSurf

Internet is life. For millions of Filipinos who update their social media accounts and surf online using their mobile phones everyday, that phrase is spot on.

As a businessman, I need to get connected everyday to update my online bookstore and check for incoming orders.

And when it’s time to relax, I stream the latest episode of “X-Men: The Gifted.”

Business + pleasure equals life.

Like me, you can also do more online with Smart GigaSurf 50. It’s a promo for Smart Prepaid subscribers wherein you can do everything you want online with 1 GB open access data to access any site and use any app you want! Plus it comes with additional 300MB for video streaming by using any video app like YouTube, iflix, FoxPlus, etc. And as a bonus, you also get unlitext to all networks. All the things I mentioned will only cost you P50 and it’s valid for 3 days!

Simply text GIGA50 to 9999 and you can do everything you want online.

For more details and for other offers, visit

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    Pano po ba???

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