Joshua’s Mother, Suspect in Albert’s Death in ‘The Good Son’

The guessing game gets even more intense now that the investigation on Victor’s (Albert Martinez) death points to Joseph’s (Joshua Garcia) mother Racquel (Mylene Dizon) in the Kapamilya primetime series “The Good Son.”

SPO1 Colmenares’ (Michael Rivero) search for the truth takes an unexpected turn as he received a document that shows Racquel’s involvement in a murder case back in their province, prompting the possibility that she is the mastermind behind Victor’s death. Despite her dark past being exposed, Racquel will prove her innocence and that she cannot hurt the man she loves.

Meanwhile, Joseph and Enzo’s (Jerome Ponce) worlds are starting to collide now that they are part of the same basketball team. Their rivalry also intensifies after Enzo blamed his half-brother for damaging his sports car, putting Joseph to shame.

With the chaos brought by Victor’s second family, his legal wife Olivia (Eula Valdez) now plots her evil ploys to take them out of their lives and prove that they are the real suspects in his husband’s death.

Did Racquel kill Victor? How can Joseph fight all the judgment cast on him?

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