How to Keep The Fire Burning in Your Relationship

Relationships are hard work. It’s not as easy as pie and nothing cute like the movies portray it to be. However, just as like the other clichés say, what you worked hard for is always worth it in the end. In order to keep the relationship alive and the fire burning, here are ways and tips to achieve it.

• Say what you mean and mean what you say – relationships get complicated when one or the other do not say what they truly mean. If you feel like there’s a conflict between you two, say it and try to resolve it as soon as you can.

• Even if you’ve known each other for a long time and have been together, you’ll still learn a lot about your partner every day so pay attention.

• Pay attention to little quirky things – little things are usually the ones that really matter.

• Don’t neglect your intimate needs as a couple. Intimacy should not wear you out and grow on you. It’s an essential part of a relationship and you need it both!

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