‘5 Remarkable Look-Alikes to ‘Hunger Games’ Stars

The cast of “The Hunger Games Trilogy” grew quite close during the few years of shooting—as close as siblings could be—but we’ve spotted a few celebrities that could actually be their long-lost siblings.

Before you catch them in “Mockingjay Part 1” on TAG TV this Thursday (August 24), we introduce you to five remarkable look-alikes to the “Hunger Games” stars:


Jennifer Lawrence and Bella Hadid

One is an Oscar-winning actress while the other is a Victoria’s Secret supermodel—the two are not only notably beautiful and figuresque, but also highly talented. Although both are natural blondes, the two have dyed their hair to a brunette shade for their crafts. While Bella has Gigi, JLaw can still be easily mistaken as Bella’s older sister.



Josh Hutcherson and Charlie Puth

Besides the brown hair and charming smiles, both boys-next-door have garnered two Teen Choice awards and thousands of fangirls. At 24 and 25 respectively, our Peeta Mellark and the “See You Again” singer may pass off as brothers. Apparently for years, Charlie has been getting mistaken for Josh. Fans have also pointed it out to him repeatedly, he happily conceded.


Elizabeth Banks and Rachel Adams

These two attractive actresses have quite the resemblance with their blonde hair, killer smiles, and adorable laughs. Both are known to have topbilled romantic comedies and have also starred in films with Channing Tatum: Elizabeth in “Magic Mike XXL” and Rachel in “The Vow.”


Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson

From the humor to the accent, it’s not hard to see the similarities between the “Lost in London” co-actors. Woody especially looks like Owen when he’s in his Haymitch get up. With the slight slouch and slurring of hands, two can make the perfect combo for a twin-themed comedy movie. Aside from Owen, Woody’s appearance is also compared to Bradley Cooper, Matthew McCaugnahey, and Jason Statham.


Liam Hemsworth and Chris Hemsworth

This one’s a no-brainer, but it had to be done. Aside from sharing the same blood and genes, the Hemsworth brothers also share their knack for action films. While Liam handles a special crossbow as a rebel soldier with Katniss and her team, Chris wields a mighty hammer as an Avenger. Liam also revealed in an interview that they also liked greeting each other with a punch. We’re guessing thirst for action runs in the family.


Catch Jennifer, Josh, Elizabeth, Woody, and Liam as they star in “Mockingjay Part 1,” airing on cable channel TAG TV this Thursday (August 24) at 2PM with replays on August 27 at 8AM, and August 28 at 8PM. Tag TV brings Filipino-dubbed foreign films showcasing a collection of rom-coms, dramas, action-packed movies, thrillers, comedies, and the freshest Hollywood and Asian titles.

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