Avoid Diabetes Complications

Diabetes is a serious disease and it takes a lot to make sure you avoid complications as much as you can. There are a lot of restrictions and things that you need to follow but life can be simpler when you follow these steps:

1. Make a commitment to yourself. It’s always easy to break rules but if you make a commitment in trying to live by the rules you can avoid diabetes complications very easily.

2. Avoid vices such as drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. When you give in to vices, you are more prone to have diabetes complications such as reduced blood flow that can lead to infection, heart disease, stroke, blindness, nerve damage and kidney damage.

3. Keep your blood pressure and cholesterol under control because if you have an increased blood pressure, it is more likely to damage your blood vessels. By eating healthy and reducing fat intake, you can manage blood pressure and cholesterol that can aid in avoiding diabetes complications.

Aside from these facts, taking your prescribed medicines and supplements are a big help too!

When it comes to supplements, it’s best to look for Ampalaya supplements or anything that has the combination of Ampalaya, Banaba, Luyang Dilaw and Bawang. According to studies these ingredients are popular for its health benefits like managing insulin levels, lowering blood sugar levels, aids in managing diabetes symptoms and stimulating the pancreas, spleen and liver to intensify absorption—these ingredients may be able to deliver aid especially for blood sugar control for me, the must-try product that has all these ingredients is BitterGo. It has all the ingredients needed for aiding in blood sugar control! Ampalaya has the ability to lower the amount of sugar in the blood, Banaba helps in controlling the spike up of sugar levels, Luyang Dilaw promotes good control in blood sugar levels and Bawang/Garlic helps in increasing insulin which improves the body’s glucose tolerance and helps in lowering cholesterol levels as well.


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  1. LikeKoLahatWagLangABS // June 15, 2017 at 8:57 pm //

    Ay buhay, kapag diabetic ka, parang nasa hukay na ang isang paa mo. lamang lang ng ilang paligo sa may cancer. Pero kung may disiplina ka sa sarili mo at inaalala mo ang pamilya mo, mas magkakaroon ka ng pagiingat upang tumagal pa ang buhay.

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