Catriona Gray Sings ‘I Believe’ at the Semi-Finals of Miss World 2016 Talent Competition

PH bet Catriona Gray performs “I Believe” during the semi-finals of the talent competition in the ongoing Miss World 2016 pageant in Maryland, USA.


Here are the 10 contestants who made it in the semi-finals of the talent competition:

Canada – Anastasia Lin
Chile – Antonia Figueroa
Croatia – Angélica Zacchigna
Hungary – Tímea Gelencsér
Latvia – Linda Kinca
Malta – Anthea Zammit
Mongolia – Bayartsetseg Altangerel
Philippines – Catriona Gray
Poland – Kaja Klimkiewicz
Ukraine – Oleksandra Kucherenko

The winner of this event will be guaranteed a place in the Top 20.

The result will be based on public votes via the mobile app “Mobstar.” To vote, simply download the app, and search for “Catriona Gray.” Click follow and check out each of Catriona’s pictures and “tap right” to vote.

Watch Catriona’s performance below:

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