Top 10 Fresh Faces in Showbiz

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We see new faces in the world of local entertainment year after year. These young aspirants who want to establish a career in the limelight keeps on growing in different television networks, and their unstoppable growth every year makes the fans hunt for the next teen star to idolize.


Apart from showcasing astounding skills in performing arts, these new kids on the block should also have what it takes to please the eyes of the people. Looking good is an important requirement in showbiz—it is one of the keys for a rookie to easily get a spot in the scene and to get the attention of the audience. Just like these young ladies who effortlessly captured the hearts of the fans with their outstanding charms and stylish looks. Who among these gorgeous fresh faces in showbiz is your peg?

1. Elisse Joson


2. Maris Racal


3. Gabbi Garcia


4. Andrea Brillantes



5. Mayton Eugenio


6. Barbie Imperial


7. Kate Valdez


8. Loisa Andalio


9. Bianca Umali


10. Ylona Garcia



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12 Comments on Top 10 Fresh Faces in Showbiz

  1. Belle Miller // November 28, 2016 at 11:58 am //

    Elisse Joson <3

  2. elisse josom

  3. Elisse Joson is the best. Beautiful inside abd out. 😙😙

  4. Elisse joson super ganda nya,love you elisse

  5. Aphol jane mortel // November 25, 2016 at 5:25 am //

    Elisse joson

  6. Elisse Joson of course maganda syang bata

  7. Gabbi garcia and kate valdez are more beautuful thsn they others

  8. Elisse Joson 🙂

  9. Elisse Joson

  10. Elisse Joson

  11. Elisse Joson ❤ Ylona Garcia

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