Maris Racal Collaborates with Rico Blanco for New Single ‘Abot Langit’

Maris Racal is extra thrilled that she got the chance to work with OPM icon Rico Blanco for her new single entitled “Abot Langit,” produced under Star Pop.

“I was just very vocal on Twitter that I wanted to meet him. A few weeks later, a fan tagged him when I tweeted that I was looking for someone to work with on my music,” said Maris during her “Abot Langit” media conference.

“It was unreal. I wanted to cancel on the day I was meeting him because of my nerves. When it was all done, I was just screaming with joy in car,” shared the singer-songwriter about their collaboration.

Originally an acoustic song written by Maris, Rico rearranged “Abot Langit” to the Japanese City Pop genre.

Maris also shared that a lot of her fans were surprised that the “Abot Langit” music video does not reflect her typical “cute, innocent” vibe. “It’s a bit sexy, not my usual ‘cutey-cutey.’ It’s somehow me letting them know that I’m twenty-one,” expressed the Star Pop artist.

Meanwhile, a solo concert featuring the former Pinoy Big Brother: All In housemate will be staged soon, as announced by Star Pop head Rox Santos.

Watch Maris’ “Abot Langit” music video on the official Star Music YouTube channel.

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