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Online shopping has been increasing in popularity in the last 10 years. Why so, you may ask? It’s because of the convenience it offers to customers. Imagine you are looking for a collectible item or a specific brand of perfume. If you go to the mall, it would take you hours of walking and strolling just to find the specific item. Whereas if you shop online, you’ll just browse for the category that the item belongs to or sort it by relevance or simply type the name of the item at the search bar of the online store, and voila, you found what you are looking for in just a couple of minutes! Not to mention that you are doing all these at the comfort and safety of your home plus you get great deals and discounts.

I love online shopping. I usually shop for books and collectible/souvenir items online. Like for example, this platinum-plated US coins from Groupon which sells for buy-one-take-one plus an additional 26% off!


Also, I was able to find great travel deals on Groupon. You can save a lot with their Getaway Flash Deals as long as you have a companion who will also buy the same travel deal from Groupon. Like for example this Tour of Japan package:


This offer includes airfare, 7 nights hotel accommodations, and tour. All the details about this package are clearly enumerated including the itineraries from Day 1 to Day 9. Isn’t it hassle free?

No matter what you are looking for, proceed now to Groupon because they have everything from rare collectibles to travel deals. And if it’s your first time to shop at Groupon, you will get 25% off by using the code “FIRST” upon checkout. This is valid on one unit per transaction, maximum 1 Local deal, Goods item or Getaways Flash Deal per customer. For full details, visit

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