Matteo Guidicelli on Sarah Geronimo: She’s the One!

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Kapamilya actor Matteo Guidicelli was chosen to be the newest face of Sunlife. During the press conference of the insurance company on Friday, August 19, the actor was asked by the press if he is planning to settle down any time soon since he is now starting to invest.

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He is a good example to the youth; he lives a healthy lifestyle, he’s disciplined, and has a sensible attitude. Kapamilya actor Matteo Guidicelli is the newest ambassador of Sunlife.

“I have so many dreams to fulfill as an individual (before settling down). It will take few more years, but I think I found the one! So everything that I do right now is a preparation for that,” Matteo shares as he subtly hints about Sarah Geronimo.

The Kapamilya actor also reveals that he still wants Sarah to enjoy her life “I encourage her to open her life, she’s only 28, she needs to live life to the fullest.”

Matteo didn’t say any specific details if he and his girlfriend Sarah are planning to settle down soon, but he assures the people that he is gearing up financially for the future.

According to Sunlife’s management, the actor’s sensible attitude, healthy lifestyle, and his discipline make him a perfect ambassador.

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