Jason Abalos Portrays Jealous Husband Who Killed His Pregnant Wife in ‘Ipaglaban Mo’

Jason Abalos portrays a husband blinded by jealousy on the latest episode of ABS-CBN’s hit legal drama “Ipaglaban Mo” this Saturday (June 4). 

 Igme (Jason Abalos) is happily married to Alice (Denise Laurel) whom he raises five children with. Content with the current situation of his life and the size of their family, Igme decides to not have any more children. Alice, however, conceives another child, forcing Igme to find ways to abort the pregnancy.

One day, Alice randomly runs into her ex-boyfriend Miguel (Jose Sarasola). Igme later on learns of that accidental meet-up and is quickly consumed by jealousy.

Igme then accuses Alice of having an illegitimate affair convincing himself that the child she is carrying is not his. Alice vehemently denies his claims but Igme, blinded by his jealousy, suddenly punches her stomach and strangles her to death.

Witness to the murder is their son Kaloy (Louise Abuel), whom Igme threatens to kill as well as his siblings if he dares tell anyone of what transpired.

Will Kaloy speak the truth? Will Kaloy give his mother justice at the expense of his father’s imprisonment?

Don’t miss the “Selos” episode of “Ipaglaban Mo,” directed by Roderick Lindayag this Saturday (June 4) after “It’s Showtime” on ABS-CBN or ABS-CBN HD (SkyCable ch 167). Catch up via or for Sky subscribers. For updates, follow @IpaglabanmoABSCBN on Instagram, @IpaglabanMoCh2 on Twitter, or like on Facebook.

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