TV5’s ‘Bilang Pilipino’ is Clear Winner in Election Coverage

TV5 Network Inc. has gained praises and positive feedback from netizens for its 28-hour uninterrupted, Bilang Pilipino election coverage. The coverage which was a synergy among MVP Group of Companies was cited by netizens as a preferred network because of its fast, accurate election results and updates. News5 Chief Luchi Cruz-Valdes cites TV5’s Bilang Pilipino Campaign as the most extensive coverage that the network has ever mounted, keeping Filipinos around the world updated to the latest developments concerning the elections through all its broadcast, digital, mobile and social media channels. TV5’s uninterrupted 28-hour election coverage ran from 5:00 AM of May 9 until 9:00 AM of May 10 with its team of reporters deployed to all parts of the country bringing fresh updates from candidates, voters, polling precinct situations, and other election-related issues.


The Bilang Pilipino coverage was a convergence of technology. “This in-depth election coverage was a product of a right goal, team work, intensive planning and preparation”, said TV5 President and CEO Emmanuel C. Lorenzana. Since the launch of Bilang Pilipino campaign he said, the entire team has worked hard to prepare for this event. “We wanted the coverage to provide intensive information made available across all media”, he added. One of the highlights of the coverage that gained much appreciation from viewers and netizens was how fast information including election results was made available both online and via television. Mediaquest Chairman Manny V. Pangilinan said that its partnership with PLDT and Smart explains how it was able to get the election results figures from PPCRVs transparency server fast. “We provided the Telco facilities to PPCRV and we were connected to their transparency server. We made sure that we had more than adequate computing capability and data analytics which were very important in breaking down the raw data we we’re getting from the transparency server”.

With Smart/PLDTs backbone, TV5 reporters were able to go on live broadcast using only their mobile phones instead of the usual broadcast equipment. Installed to the reporters’ mobile phones was the Aviwest live broadcast platform application that allowed them to immediately air on TV with broadcast quality and provided them with much faster and seamless communication with the command center. With Telcos PLDT and Smart on board, updates and social media interaction was also made faster and reporters were able to get their stories, photos and videos out in no time.

In an article published by the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility, TV5’s Bilang Pilipino election coverage was cited as the “clear winner” in terms of news and production value. It noted TV5 to be way ahead its rivals with its innovative efforts to make the coverage stylish, informative and comprehensive. It also took note of the “panoramic” LED screen that served as the studio backdrop where information such as voter demographics, voter preference, step-by-step procedures in the election process, exit survey figures and other data-driven pieces.

The network’s partnership with SWS propelled its data-driven election coverage where real time updates and questions were addressed. The coverage featured statistical data broken down into graphics like the Heat Maps that showed updates on who was leading or winning on specific provinces and regions, including among others the provinces where presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte got his highest number of votes. The Heat Maps also showed an updated transmittal percentage and voter turnout rate including breakdown of votes for candidates from both local and national posts shown through a wide horizontal LED.

Bilang Pilipino Praises

After hosting the most talked-about Visayas leg of the PiliPinas Presidential Debates last March, the Kapatid network has gone to prove its Bilang Pilipino campaign’s thrust through its data driven, extensive, and innovative election coverage and it remains strong in its commitment for unbiased, comprehensive and credible news and public affairs. The Bilang Pilipino campaign will continue to provide an extensive coverage of the elections together with its partners; PLDT, Smart, Voyager, Talas, News5, News5Everywhere, Interaksyon, The Philippine Star and Business World until June 30, the inauguration of presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte.

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