Chistine Bersola Babao is Now a Kapatid

Tintin joins Chiqui and Amy as they engage and empower moms like them in TV5’s new morning show "Kumare Klub."

Moms at home tuned in earlier to watch the pilot episode of Kumare Klub right after the newly-revitalized Sapul sa Singko on TV5.

TV5’s newest daily morning magazine offering is a spin-off to Sapul sa Singko’s mommy-centric segment Kumare Tips following a very positive feedback from the then segment hosted by Amy Perez and Chiqui Roa-Puno. Joining the magkumare Amy and Chiqui in the newest program under TV5 News and Information Division is the newest addition to Kapatid Network, Chistine Bersola Babao.

Tintin, as what she’s widely-known, has been one of the most prominent faces of morning shows since she started co-anchoring her very first morning show with her real-life husband, broadcaster Julius Babao 15 years ago. A hands-on mom to her kids Antonia and Antonio Francesco, the radio-TV host and children’s book author has been supporting advocacies that champion women’s and children’s welfare and right parenting for moms.

“Ever since we launched the segment on Sapul sa Singko, we’ve seen how the viewers, especially mothers who stay at home, patronized every tips Tiyang Amy and Nyora Chiqui deliver in a very light and easy-to-understand manner. They’re watching real mothers themselves who can relate to their daily dealings as manager of household. This prompted the management to produce a standalone show dedicated to mothers,” said Bing Mallari-Maaño, program manager of NEWS5.

“And with Amy, Chiqui and Tintin aboard, we are very hopeful that our viewers will embrace our team’s effort to put up a very informative show for moms,” Bing continued.

Every day, the dynamic trio serves the viewers with exciting dishes of information and solutions that will surely become helpful to every household. Together they solve household concerns with very easy steps and using simple and often-overlooked materials and remedies via “Kumare Tips.” Most of the time, the welfare of their family always comes first for mothers. Through “Kumare Chika,” Ate Tintin, Nyora Chiqui and Tiyang Amy will talk to mothers and look after their personal (and sometimes) relationship problems with light-hearted kwentuhan about domestic trends and bits of showbiz intrigues.

Tiyang Amy talks about potential startup businesses and entrepreneurial activities that mothers can engage in via “NegoTyang; while she gives ideas on what’s good for lunch on “Luto na ba, Tiyang?” Meanwhile, Ate Tin gives a daily dose of parenting tips through “Parentin;” while making sure that moms could stay fab even at home on “Fashionistang Mudra.” Nyora Chiqui, on the other hand, teaches mom to stay fit and live healthy one step at a time via “Chiqui-Chiqui Dance” and “Ok ka lang?” Other must-watch segments are cheap and bargain finds “Pasok sa Budget,” “Pera Pera Lang” with Chinkee Tan and “Palengke Watch” with Rhoda Magnaye.

Don’t miss every episode of Kumare Klub from Monday to Friday, 7am to 8am, after Sapul sa Singko on TV5.


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  1. kailan kaya magkaroon nang tv5 dito sa california usa sana malapit na

  2. Go tin! Kung saan ka masaya dun ka. Kaya ok lang kung lumipat ka, at least di sa gma lol bagsak ka dun..

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