Zoren and Carmina Legaspi Impart the Value of Sharing to Their Twins #BestWhenShared

People look for happiness in so many things and search for it in many different places. Ironically, real joy is easy to find. You can experience it through giving and sharing and you don’t need to go far because it usually starts at home.

Zoren Carmina

This is true for Jollibee endorsers Zoren Legaspi and Carmina Villaroel, and their twins Maverick (“Mavy”) and Cassandra (“Cassy”) Legaspi. The joy they have as a family originates from non-material things. For one, the celebrity couple teach their kids the value of sharing and the happiness it brings.

“Umpisa pa lang talaga, bata pa lang ‘yung kambal, ininstill na namin sa kanila kung ano ‘yung ‘sharing,’ bakit importante at mahalaga ang pagshe-share,” Carmina said.

“Sharing, dapat nagsisimula yan sa bahay. Siyempre ‘pag bata mahirap pang i-explain sa kanila kung bakit kailangan mag-share. Kung minsan kaya nga nag-aaway ang mga bata kasi ayaw mag-share, ang gusto ‘sa akin sa akin sa akin’ siyempre iba ang iniisip nila e, ‘ako, it’s all about me me me me.’ But eventually I explained to them na kung bakit kailangang hindi lang ang sarili mo ang iniisip mo, kailangan isipin mo rin ‘yung kapatid mo, ‘yung kapamilya mo, hindi lang importante ‘yung ikaw ang meron, importante rin ‘yung meron din ang iba,” she added.

As ‘Padre de Familia,’ Zoren believes a person who shares is a person with a good conscience.

“Ang tao ‘pag nag-share, maganda ‘yung konsiyensiya niya kasi ang nakakapagshare lang naman ay taong may konsiyensya. What I mean by that is, minsan hindi natuturo iyon minsan natuturo. Pero kapag mga bata pa talaga kailangan ituro talaga ng mga magulang. Kasi nga, like what Carmina said, ang bata medyo selfish pa. Most of them pero meron naman na bata pa lang ay marunong na talagang magshare. But, pagdating naman sa mga favorite nila na mga bagay, dun sila nahihirapan magshare. Kaya si Maverick mahilig magshare ng kanyang chicken joy (laughs) di ba kasi kapag favorite mo di ba parang hirap na hirap kang mag-share? Pero kapag hindi mo naman favorite, sige. Doon mo mapapatunayan talaga kung marunong kang mag-share doon sa favorite mo,” he said.

Legaspi Twins+

When they were still young, Mavy and Cassy used to have a dispute in things that the other doesn’t possess and it’s quite normal to twins like them. But as they grow up, they learned from their parents’ example the value of sharing and the joy it brings.

“We used to argue on things but we get over it after and we end up sharing whatever we were arguing about…we learned that we always have to share,” said Cassy.

“There’s a problem before na if she gets something I should also get something but I think we both learned to understand that we can’t always get things at the same time,” Mavy added.

Carmina believes that the twins will never depart from this value that they’ve taught them.

“So as they grow older, nagiging parang automatic na sa kanila ‘yun. Siguro habang bata pa sila na-instill na namin sa kanila so hanggang sa ngayon, hopefully, naniniwala naman ako na hanggang sa pagtanda nila e dala-dala nila ‘yung pagbibigay at pagshe-share,” she said.

The Legaspi Family+

“Sharing” is also the life lesson that people will learn from the Legaspi family’s latest Jollibee commercial. It features Mavy sharing a birthday party and all other stuff with his twin sister Cassy. As time goes by, he learned that joy is experienced best when shared.

Watch the heartwarming TVC below:

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