Zaijan Jaranilla Shows Harmful Effects of Computer Game Addiction in ‘Wansapanataym’

Teen star Zaijian Jaranilla will once again showcase his acting skills as he teaches viewers the harmful effects of excessive computer game playing in “Wansapanataym Presents: That’s My Toy, That’s My Boy” this Sunday (March 13).

Zaijan Jaranilla Wansapanataym

Jairo enjoys playing computer games but with so much time he spends on it, he tends to forget his assigned chores and fails his subjects in school. But it does not bother him as long as he is able to play his favorite game Society of Soldiers (SOS).

One day, their school holds a gaming competition to raise funds for typhoon victims. Topher, the SOS undefeated champion, challenges Jairo to a match, and with the help of a fairy elf, Jairo wins against Topher by using the magical game character Raven.

Mesmerized with Raven’s powerful skills, Jairo wishes to have the magical character in the human world and right away, the fairy elf grants his wish. But Jairo only uses Raven to do his household chores and other responsibilities so he can keep playing SOS. He then suffers the price of abusing Raven’s powers. Raven disappears and his wooden features are transferred to Jairo – transforming him into a boy with a wooden body.

How can Jairo go back to his normal self? Will he ever learn his lesson?

Also joining the cast of “Wansapantaym Presents: That’s My Toy, That’s My Boy” are Benjie Paras, Gelli De Belen, and Smokey Manaloto.

Don’t miss the life lessons shared in “Wansapanataym Presents: Susi ni Sisay” this Sunday on ABS-CBN. For more information about the program, visit the official social networking site of Dreamscape Entertainment Television at,, and

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