Pia Wurtzbach on the Idea of Sharing the Crown with Miss Colombia: ‘It Would Be A Challenge’

Pia Wurtzbach weighs in on Donald Trump and Miss Colombia’s idea of having two Miss Universe winners during her ET Interview.

Pia ET

Here are excerpts from her interview:

On Miss Colombia’s comment saying that the Miss Universe gaffe is “great injustice”:

“I understand if she feels that way. If the situation was the other way around, I think I would feel the same way. I think my supporters would feel the same way as well.”

On Donald Trump and Ariadna Gutierrez’ idea of sharing the crown:

“I think that it would be a challenge for two girls to share a crown. It’s never been done before.”

On her celebrity crush:

“James Franco.”

Here’s an interesting comment from YouTube:

“Joint crown is just simply unthinkable..WHY? Because the result was never a tie to begin with. The 4 Judges: Niecy, Olivia, Emmet, and Perez ALL voted for Pia to win. Even without the fan vote (which Pia likely won based on the results of the swimsuit and evening gown) and how the other girls voted Pia was the clear winner. So again Miss Colombia’s suggestion of sharing the crown is just out of the question. Ariadna is clearly grasping on straws as thin as Prince Williams hairline. Again commiserations to Colombia and Congratulations to Philippines.”–Carlo Angelo Pavia

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