‘To The Top’ Contestants Sing APO Hiking Society Songs in A Cappella (Videos)

To The Top APO

Last weekend in “To The Top,” the first multi-platform boy band competition in the Philippines, the three groups competed for round 3. But contrary from the first two rounds, one contestant from the bottom-scoring group of this showdown would get eliminated.

The week’s task was to perform APO Hiking Society songs in A Cappella. Watch the three performances below:

To The Top Showdown 3: Team A performs ‘Anna’:

To The Top Showdown 3: Team B performs ‘Di Na Natuto’:

To The Top Showdown 3: Team C performs ‘Salawikain’:

Luis Gragera received an automatic nomination for violating a household rule: using an iPad during training.

AJ Ajrouche, on the other hand, was nominated because he is a member of Team A, deemed by the judges as the weakest performing group during the 3rd showdown and AJ was deemed the weakest in the group.

Bottom 2

After the sing-off, the judges favored AJ’s solo performance and eliminated Luis from the competition.

To The Top: First Elimination Night:

This weekend (Aug. 22 and 23), the 4th showdown will take place but MJ Magno of Team B got injured during rehearsals. Is he in danger of elimination?

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The official hashtag for tonight, Aug. 22 (Saturday), is #TTTShowdown4. The official hashtag for tomorrow night, Aug. 23 (Sunday), is #TTTSecondElims.

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